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Link Resolver Driver

IMPORTANT: This page refers to features that were added in VuFind 1.1. If you are using an earlier version, you will have to upgrade. For details on VuFind 2.x drivers, see the current Link Resolver Drivers page.

This page contains details on writing a custom driver for an OpenURL Link Resolver not already supported by VuFind.

Note that Link Resolver Drivers are only used when the “embed” setting is turned on in the [OpenURL] section of web/conf/config.ini. This setting allows link resolver results to be directly embedded in the VuFind search page rather than opening in a separate window.

Basic Structure

  • Link Resolver Drivers are found in the web/sys/Resolver folder of the VuFind installation.
  • The PHP file containing the driver must be named for the value used as the resolver setting in the [OpenURL] section of web/conf/config.ini. (i.e. “sfx.php”).
  • The name of the class defined in the PHP file should be the resolver setting, capitalized and prefixed with “Resolver_”. (i.e. “Resolver_360link” or “Resolver_Sfx”).
  • The class must implement the ResolverInterface (found in web/sys/Resolver/Interface.php).

Key Methods

This method takes an OpenURL as a parameter and retrieves details from the link resolver.

This method takes the output of fetchLinks and parses it into an associative array with the following keys:

  • href - the link to access the resource
  • title - a text description of the resource
  • coverage - coverage range applicable to the resource
  • service_type - used to categorize links (getHolding = local print holding, getWebService = special service related to item, getDOI = DOI link, getFullTxt = electronic holding)
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