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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Language Support List

Maintaining the language translation files requires special skills. This page acknowledges the most recent volunteers who have helped out with specific languages. For acknowledgments of earlier volunteers, see the commit histories of the various language files on GitHub.

Actively Translated Languages

  • Armenian: tigran54
  • Bengali (as spoken in India): Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay and Mr. Debabrata Barman
  • Catalán: Hugo Agud (www.orex.es)
  • Croatian: Milo Ivir
  • Czech: Josef Moravec
  • Dutch: Anneke Goovaerts
  • Finnish: Ere Maijala
  • French: Agnès Manneheut
  • German: Claas Kazzer
  • Greek: Giannis Kourmoulis / Theodoros Theodoropoulos
  • Hindi (as spoken in India): Md Nurul Alam, Pragya, Komal and Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay
  • Irish (Gaeilge): Eoghan Ó Carragáin and Owen Fitzgerald
  • Italian: Rodolfo Marraffa
  • Japanese: Keiji Suzuki
  • Mongolian: Batpurev Batchuluun
  • Northern Sámi: Ere Maijala / Pasi Tiisanoja
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Diego Macêdo and Milton Shintaku
  • Russian: Andrii Lysohor
  • Spanish: Hugo Agud (www.orex.es)
  • Spanish: Jorge Ramírez
  • Swedish: Ere Maijala
  • Turkish: S. Onur Erdem and Ugur Bulgan
  • Ukrainian: Iryna Bankovska
  • Vietnamese: Mạnh Phan Văn
  • Welsh: Luke O'Sullivan

The following translations have not been updated for some time and require a translator

  • Basque
  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Danish
  • Galician
  • Hebrew
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (European)
  • Slovenian

Please reach out to the community via one of the channels listed on the support page if you are willing to claim one of these languages, or if you want to contribute an entirely new translation. See the localization page for more technical detail.

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