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The VuFind® open source project is supported by a community of users and developers.

Mission Statement

The mission of the VuFind® Community is to develop and support VuFind®, a free, open source discovery application. VuFind® provides a universal, user-oriented and configurable interface to support common search, browse and patron account operations across a wide variety of information systems and metadata types. VuFind® is designed to be friendly both for end users and for developers/administrators, providing infrastructure for innovation and enabling organizations to make choices about their back-end systems without significantly impacting their front-facing user experience. The Community places a priority on mutual support and knowledge sharing, maintaining documentation and multiple communication channels in order to welcome newcomers and enable collaborative planning and problem solving.

Get Involved

The VuFind® community welcomes new contributors and is also happy to help new members. Here are some ways you can reach out or help:

  • Code of Conduct - Guidelines for maintaining VuFind®'s welcoming community environment.
  • Community Call - Information and minutes related to the regular online discussion for VuFind® community members and developers.
  • Conferences and Presentations - Information on VuFind® conferences past and future, including presentation slides.
  • Documentation Maintenance - Guidelines for the ongoing maintenance of the project's documentation; assistance is always welcomed.
  • Governance Document - Details on how the VuFind® project is managed, and how you can contribute.
  • Mailing Lists - The VuFind® mailing lists are a good place to start conversations about the software; see the support page for more details.
  • Membership Levels and Benefits - Information on how to financially support the project (and the benefits of participating).
  • Newsletter - This monthly newsletter summarizes activity within the VuFind® community and complements the Community Call.
  • Roles and Responsibilities - A list of specific roles community members can fill to help support the project.
  • Surveys and Statistics - The VuFind® Community occasionally collects data to inform decision-making; results are summarized on this page.



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