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The VuFind® open source project is supported by a community of users and developers.

Mission Statement

The mission of the VuFind® Community is to develop and support VuFind®, a free, open source discovery application. VuFind® provides a universal, user-oriented and configurable interface to support common search, browse and patron account operations across a wide variety of information systems and metadata types. VuFind® is designed to be friendly both for end users and for developers/administrators, providing infrastructure for innovation and enabling organizations to make choices about their back-end systems without significantly impacting their front-facing user experience. The Community places a priority on mutual support and knowledge sharing, maintaining documentation and multiple communication channels in order to welcome newcomers and enable collaborative planning and problem solving.

Get Involved

The VuFind community welcomes new contributors and is also happy to help new members. Here are some way you can reach out:

  • Code of Conduct - Guidelines for maintaining VuFind's welcoming community environment.
  • Community Call - Information and minutes related to the regular online discussion for VuFind community members and developers.
  • Conferences and Presentations - Information on VuFind conferences past and future, including presentation slides.
  • Governance Document - Details on how the VuFind project is managed, and how you can contribute.
  • Mailing Lists - The VuFind mailing lists are a good place to start conversations about the software; see the support page for more details.
  • Membership Levels and Benefits - Information on how to financially support the project (and the benefits of participating).
  • Newsletter - This monthly newsletter summarizes activity within the VuFind community and complements the Community Call.
  • Roles and Responsibilities - A list of specific roles community members can fill to help support the project.
  • Surveys and Statistics - The VuFind Community occasionally collects data to inform decision-making; results are summarized on this page.



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