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VuFind® Registered Service Provider Program

Introduction and Goals

The VuFind® project establishes partnerships with service providers (companies, non-profits, consortia, etc.) that wish to provide open source software services based on VuFind® and with the support of the VuFind® project. The goals of the Program are four-fold:

  • Working more closely with VuFind® service providers to generate qualified leads and promote the adoption of open technologies to a broader group of prospective organizations.
  • Celebrating the expertise and in-kind contributions of service providers as it propels the quality and functionality of our code-base to empower users.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration between service providers and the VuFind® community, to support knowledge sharing and well-informed decision making.
  • Generating revenue to ensure the financial sustainability of the VuFind® project.

The fees contributed by Registered Service Providers support the VuFind® Project Management Committee (PMC) in the administration of the VuFind® project. This may include Open Library Foundation membership fees, VuFind® conference expenses, outreach and other expenses approved by the PMC.

The current list of service providers is available on the Support page.

Registered Service Providers

Registered Service Providers are organizations that collaborate in the VuFind® community and demonstrate expertise in open technologies. They will be able to show evidence of their contributions to VuFind® or related technologies. Registered Service Providers receive the benefits listed in the “Summary of Program Benefits” below.

Registered Service Providers will:

  • Pay an annual fee of USD1000 for Registered Service Providers located in high income countries (as per World Bank data – e.g. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PCAP.PP.KD). This fee is negotiable for Registered Service Providers located in middle/low income countries.
  • Actively contribute to the VuFind® community through any activity such as participating in working groups/task forces, or other community governance bodies, use case validation, testing, bug reports, bug fixes, code contributions, documentation, free training offerings or training curriculum, translations, or other contributions proposed and agreed to by the Registered Service Provider and the PMC. Please note, for code contributions, the VuFind® project has specific code contribution guidelines that must be adhered to.
  • Promote VuFind® by, at minimum, including a visible link to the VuFind® website at vufind.org on web pages describing VuFind®-related services.

Registered Service Providers may:

  • Partner with the PMC to participate in regional and community events to increase awareness and help promote VuFind®. This could include introducing VuFind® through presentations at general library and technology conferences, or it could involve sponsoring/hosting regional events specifically dedicated to VuFind®
  • Provide mentorship and support to VuFind® community members, contingent on resource availability and by negotiation (assistance is available from the PMC).

To apply to be a Registered Service Provider, please fill out our application form. If you do not receive a prompt response to your submission, or if you have other questions/concerns, feel free to reach out to the Project Management Committee at info AT vufind DOT org.

Summary of Program Benefits

Benefits All VuFind® Users/Service Providers Registered Service Providers
Use of the project logo in accordance with trademark constraintsxx
Use of the “Registered Service Provider” logo-x
Listing on the project websitename, link, brief description of serviceslogo, name, location, link, detailed description of services and community contributions, and contact information
Community mentorship and supportxx
Promotion of Registered Service Providers (e.g. retweeting your VuFind®-related announcements via the official VuFind® Twitter)-x (as requested)
Referring leads to individual service providers based on qualifying criteria-x
Certification for contributions of code or other assets (documentation, services, etc)-x
Non-voting seat on the Project Management Committee-x
Acknowledgment and on-screen logo during annual VuFind® progress reports (VuFind® Summit or equivalent)-x

If you have a question, please contact the VuFind® Project Management Committee.

This document is based on the DuraSpace Service Provider Program documentation by LYRASIS, used under the CC BY (Attribution) license.

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