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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Newsletter: October, 2019

Welcome to the first VuFind newsletter. The goal of this publication will be to provide at-a-glance insight into project activity, as well as highlight areas where contributions or further discussion might be needed. It will always be published one week before the monthly Community Call, and readers are encouraged to bring their ideas, questions and feedback to that forum.

VuFind Summit

The 2019 VuFind Summit was held at Villanova University on October 14, 2019. This newsletter was begun as a direct result of conversations there about community outreach and participation. Many of the issues below were also opened to capture Summit conversations. Video of the event will be shared soon.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Alma ILS driver improvements: #1444 / VUFIND-1337, #1446, #1447, #1449, #1450, #1453, #1456, #1472
  • Configurable default search backend (makes it easier to use VuFind without Solr; e.g. as a front-end for EDS/Primo/Summon): #1476 / VUFIND-1359
  • Database adjustments to reduce the chances of IDs overflowing in high-volume tables: #1471
  • Error-reporting mechanism for displaying certain search backend errors directly to users (currently only used by Primo Central, to communicate the fact that blank searches are unsupported): #1455
  • FOLIO ILS driver improvement: #1461
  • Improve extensibility of AbstractSolrBackendFactory: #1479
  • More configurable hierarchical facet sort options: #1452
  • Minor bug / typo fixes: #1443, #1448, #1457, #1459, #1463, #1467
  • More configurable “local host” detection for the VuFindHttp library: VuFindHttp#13
  • Off-canvas toggle missing (a report of an older bug that was already fixed prior to release 6.0): VUFIND-1354
  • Redis session support: #1460, #1464, #1474
  • SMTP improvements (allow connection reset; add configurable timeout): #1468, #1475
  • Translation improvements (including the addition of Croatian support): #1445, #1470, #1473

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add support for additional identifier types to the cover image loader: #1451
  • Another Alma ILS driver improvement: #1481
  • ArchivesSpace integration: #1469
  • Geographic indexing support for Dublin Core XML documents: #1465
  • Improvements to item status display: #1466
  • Make hierarchy logic compatible with additional search backends: #1478
  • New view helpers designed to help improve overall theme design: #1454, #1458
  • Resolve SolrMarc log4j warnings: #1480
  • Solr 8 upgrade: #1477 / VUFIND-1339

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • BUG: Advanced search does not play well with some browsers' “store form entries” functionality: VUFIND-1369
  • BUG: Hunt does not always trigger correctly: VUFIND-1367
  • IMPROVEMENT: Apply namespacing to all Javascript code: VUFIND-1361
  • IMPROVEMENT: Filter user interface needs some inconsistencies addressed: VUFIND-1353
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve design of session handler code: VUFIND-1355
  • IMPROVEMENT: More secure short links: VUFIND-1368
  • NEW FEATURE: Add 'extra' parameter to serialized searches: VUFIND-1364
  • NEW FEATURE: Clear the cache through the API: VUFIND-1365
  • NEW FEATURE: Configurable autocomplete: VUFIND-1362
  • NEW FEATURE: Display result count preview while user fills in advanced search form: VUFIND-1360
  • NEW FEATURE: Display user barcode / QR code on account page: VUFIND-1366
  • TASK: Brainstorm community call improvements: VUFIND-1356
  • TASK: Improve documentation: VUFIND-1358
  • TASK: Provide Docker container for VuFind beginners: VUFIND-1357

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Google Scholar tags: VUFIND-951 - this older issue has been revived, and a pull request may be forthcoming
  • Improve Solr spell checking: VUFIND-745 - there has been some new discussion about using newer Solr spellcheck features in VuFind
  • Modernize browse handler/indexer: VUFIND-1341 / VUFIND-1342 / VUFIND-1363 - the future of the AlphaBrowse handler continues to be discussed here
  • New Progressive Theme: VUFIND-1352 - discussion is ongoing about the future of VuFind's themes
  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI): #1440 - significant progress has been made on email notification behavior and error tolerance and display of filter values in emails
  • Use docValues for appropriate Solr fields: VUFIND-1100 - this long-ongoing conversation has been revived, possibly to be resolved in conjunction with upgrading to Solr 8
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