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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Newsletter: October, 2020

Highlights / Executive Summary

October was spent working through the outcomes of the VuFind Summit. A large number of JIRA tickets have been opened to capture ideas and conversations from the event (see the “Issue Report / Discussion Only” section below). Please help us prioritize and complete this work by voting/commenting on issues that are important to you, and by taking ownership of tickets that you are willing and able to help complete. Additionally, a group of volunteers have come together to begin talking about VuFind community structure and sustainability. This conversation will be a major focus of the next Community Call, so please join us there if you wish to participate in the discussion.

Outside of Summit-related activity, a large number of fixes and enhancements have been merged during the month, as summarized below, and development has begun on a few new features (including a CSV import tool and a log writer for Office365 webhooks). Work has also begun on integrating the Psalm static analysis tool into VuFind's continuous integration workflow, which should help improve the application's use of types, among other things.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Account for locale when caching home channels: VUFIND-1438 / #1745
  • Add pagination support to getUserTransactions: #1739
  • Alma: Use rawurlencode for path parts: #1744
  • Begin fixing return types using Psalm: #1765
  • Better implementation of getPlayingTimes in MarcAdvancedTrait: #1751
  • CallNumberTools.java: return null if lc call number is empty: #1752
  • Catch HTTP client's exceptions in SierraRest driver: #1737
  • Catch ILS exception from patronLogin properly when modifying a library card: #1738
  • Configurable record retrieval batch size for Solr: #1749
  • Feedbackforms: handle undefined reply-to address: #1758
  • Fix mismatched slot names: #1722
  • Hierarchical facet bug fixes: #1740, #1743
  • Improve record tab hash handling: #1754
  • KohaRest: Allow mapping of different NotForLoan statuses separately: #1730
  • KohaRest: Split GetItemStatusCodes into smaller sub-methods: #1756
  • KohaRest: Take public notes for items from the correct field: #1759
  • Make it possible to use smaller expiration than 2 days for sessions: #1736
  • Make the max limit of search API results more flexible: #1762
  • ObalkyKnih: Catch exception on HTTP request: #1746
  • Refactor creating HTTP client in ObalkyKnih service: #1741
  • Remove checkRoute=1 parameter from the url when it's no longer needed: #1742
  • Reset authentication state on logout: #1735
  • Simplify PHPUnit fixture handling: #1766
  • Translation fix: #1768
  • Travis: Use Composer 1 until compatibility with 2 is fully resolved: #1769
  • Treat invalid date errors from Solr as parser errors: #1763
  • Use more appropriate currency icon: #1750

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Cache results of class based template resolution: #1747
  • CSV import tool: #1761
  • DEB package: allow compatibility with more Java packages: #1760
  • Log writer for Office365 webhooks: #1757
  • Page enhancements: Comparing Languages Against English: VUFIND-1453 / #1755
  • Re-set keyboard focus in lightbox after the content has loaded: #1767
  • Return to previous page after printing: #1753
  • Use Psalm for static code analysis: #1764

Issue Report / Discussion Only

There are a large number of “discussion only” tickets this month since many conversations from the 2020 Summit were captured as new JIRA tickets.

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

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