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VuFind® Newsletter: June, 2023

Highlights / Executive Summary

New Release

June saw the release of VuFind® 9.0.2, which incorporates all of the minor bug fixes made during May and June.

Development Progress

Additionally, significant amounts of development effort were put into features to be included in VuFind® 9.1, and a separate development branch was established to begin work on larger changes for VuFind® 10.0. Highlights of the month's development include the addition of two new search backends (one for the LibGuides databases A-Z list, another for EBSCO's Publication Finder), code to increase the flexibility of item status messages, accessibility improvements, and a variety of ILS driver and dependency updates.

Development will likely slow down for the next two months as summer vacations reduce the number of available developers, but work will proceed nonetheless.

Project Management Committee Report

At the June Project Management Committee meeting, the group discussed strategies for offering training to the community. They also continued ongoing work on documentation, conference planning and more.

The PMC also voted to add Maccabee Levine, the contributor of the two new search backends added this month, as a project committer. (Also note that if you or a developer you know is interested in gaining committer status, you can talk to an existing committer – including any current PMC member – about receiving a nomination).

VuFind® Summit 2023 / WOLFcon

The call for papers for the 2023 VuFind® Summit has closed, and enough submissions were received to prepare a full program. The talks will be held as part of WOLFcon 2023, for which registration is still open (for both in-person participation and free virtual participation). Please plan to join us one way or another for the event, to be held on August 22-24 (with most VuFind® sessions likely taking place on the 23rd and 24th). A more detailed schedule will be forthcoming.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and were included in release 9.0.2:

  • Fix a mistake in doc comment for patron parameter: #2913
  • Fix accessibility issue with auto-suggestion: VUFIND-1616 / #2949
  • Fix account notification check to default to enabled: #2931
  • Fix incorrect namespace on test: #2917
  • Fix return types in Aleph driver: #2943
  • Fix styling of badges in user lists: #2916
  • Make sure array-style search query params are arrays: #2932
  • Refresh account status when a request is placed: #2926
  • Replace strtolower with mb_strtolower to avoid encoding issues: #2946
  • Revert confusing Demo driver changes: #2925
  • Sierra ILS driver fixes: #2936, #2937, #2938
  • Update SCSS Bootstrap to match Less version: #2948

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1:

  • Add config setting for custom Solr highlighting params: #2927
  • Add EBSCO Publication Finder data source: #2944, #2953
  • Add LibGuidesAZ backend for Databases A-Z list: #2860
  • Add support for “uncertain” item availability status: #2857
  • Add third cache server for obalkyknih.cz: #2956
  • Alma: make item status mapping to uncertain work with getStatus call: #2923
  • Clean up coverage tmp files after coverage reports are done: #2919
  • Clean up legacy OCI8 logic: #2912
  • Convert translation maps to UTF-8: #2942
  • Corrects SCSS compile extend error: #2922
  • EDS: Fix copy-and-paste errors in comments: #2954
  • Exclude FOLIO reserves that have been suppressed from discovery: #2935
  • Fix page param out of range at search results: #2940, #2945
  • Improve delete comment link: #2930
  • Improve SCSS-related CI behavior: #2924
  • Moving ExplodeSettingTrait to Feature Subdir: #2951
  • Proxy laminas-recaptcha instead of extending it: #2911
  • Remove EDS.ini facet_limit setting, as it has no effect: VUFIND-1620 / #2955
  • Semantics for saved search table: #2697
  • SierraRest: Add more configuration options for hold availability: #2915, #2918, #2921
  • Update dependencies for PHP 8: #2883
  • Update outdated/incorrect EDS.ini language: #2950
  • Upgrade to SolrMarc 3.5: #2920

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 10.0:

  • Eliminate duplicate list object retrieval logic: #2887
  • Fix and clean up results scripts: #2878

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Adding optional virtual keyboard to searchbox: #2952
  • Inheritance of local dirs for configuration files: #2947
  • Language labels matching MARC standard: #2933
  • Prevent single sign-on (SSO) from breaking out of lightbox: VUFIND-1617 / #2941
  • Switch to Splide Carousel Library: #2934
  • Turn my account menu into ul, because it is a list: #2914

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Fix inconsistencies between LESS and SCSS style builds: VUFIND-1619
  • Investigate the need for setlocale in Bootstrapper: VUFIND-1618

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add header and h2 for title and author: #2852
  • Add support for loading results with JS: #2804, #2929
  • Change route type for Help/Home from Static to Segment: #2850
  • Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine: VUFIND-1480 / #2233
  • VuFind as IdP for Shibboleth: VUFIND-1531
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