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PMC Meeting: April 12, 2021

Attending: Oliver Goldschmidt, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, André Lahmann, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Pradhan, Hajo Seng

1. Reviewing Pull Requests

Documentation pull requests need review (and merging, if ready): #1890 and #1905

Ere suggested writing something about PR's not being permanent – maybe adding better documentation for newcomers is needed somewhere. He and Demian will work on this.

There were no objections to merging #1890.

Chris will revise and merge #1905 slightly after #1890 is merged.

Mohan would like to see more about long-term financial and social sustainability in the governance document. He will draft a sustainability plan for further discussion.

2. Reviewing Wiki Pages

The Roles and Responsibilities page has been nearly completed, apart from assignment of OLF roles. We should decide whether to take it out of “WORK IN PROGRESS” status.

It was agreed to take off the “WORK IN PROGRESS” status; deal with OLF roles as membership process gets further along (since some details of that may be changing on the OLF side).

The Membership Levels and Benefits page still needs to be developed.

Ere asked for examples of funding models; Demian shared examples of Fedora and Universal Viewer. Leila suggested using UV as a model (lighter-weight, more flexible). Proposal: draft something inspired by UV, with note to contact Demian for payment for now; replace with better system after joining OLF.

3. WOLFcon

WOLFcon is going to be held June 1-3, 2021 as a virtual conference. All OLF projects will be presenting with background information and status updates. Chris is going to take the lead this year since Demian has schedule conflicts, but if others can share the work, that would be helpful. Mohan, Ere and Hajo are willing to help, depending on schedule and timing.

4. Training Updates

Mohan has been working with the participants from last year's training session to develop training manuals on VuFind and other open source software, which he plans to sell at a low price to raise funds for future training projects and to support VuFind development. He is looking for assistance in proofreading the final texts when they are ready. André offered to help with proofreading.

A webinar will be held in late May to present on the outcomes from the training courses.

Action Items

  • Everyone: If you are not yet a GitHub Committer, please send your username to Demian so you can be added.
  • Chris: Revise code of conduct PR.
  • Demian: Merge PR #1890; remove “work in progress” status from roles page; draft membership page; share WOLFcon planning meeting details with interested parties.
  • Ere: Propose better starting point for pull request creation for new users.
  • Mohan: Draft sustainability document; coordinate with André on proofreading.
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