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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

PMC Meeting: July 5, 2021

Attending: Oliver Goldschmidt, Demian Katz, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Pradhan, Hajo Seng

Apologies: Chris Hallberg, Leila Gonzales, André Lahmann, Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • André/Demian/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc. ONGOING
  • Demian: Further revise the Membership Levels and Benefits page for further discussion next time. DONE
  • All: Submit a brief biography for the PMC list, if you have not already. ONGOING
  • All: Offer feedback on sustainability issues/documentation strategy, if you have not already. ONGOING
  • Demian: Determine next steps for OLF membership, now that roles have been assigned. ONGOING
  • André/Leander: Begin initial discussions about Summit planning, and share suggestions with the PMC. DONE
  • Demian: Schedule the 7.1.1 release for July 5. DONE
  • Demian: Share a summary of outstanding 8.0 work with the PMC for discussion/prioritization. DONE

2. Membership Levels and Benefits

Demian updated the Membership Levels and Benefits page for discussion.

Mohan offered free or discounted training and hosting services through HealthNet Nepal; there was discussion about whether to add wording like “discounts for services from participating partners” and link to a separate page listing these partnerships, or to incorporate benefits more directly into this page.

Demian will add a note about free training and a note about possible future services, including hosting.

In an email prior to the meeting, Craig raised the idea of offering a “sponsor a feature” mechanism, where we could assign prices to particular features that we plan to add, and donors could fund the development and get credited on the membership page.

In further discussion, it seems like it may not require “pricing” per se, but the ability to indicate that a particular institution helped to sponsor a particular feature. Demian will add a note about sponsoring features for commit messages and release notes.

3. Training/Documentation Updates


Mohan is working on a MOU document for country coordinators for next year's training program, to formalize the international collaboration required to implement effective training.

Mohan emphasized that the main objective of the training is to bring in more users capable of using VuFind. Based on last year's experience, the training is being broken down into two parts: basic and advanced. The basic course will be conducted by coordinators in various countries, supported by Mohan. This will be focused in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Namibia for 2022. Participants from these classes will be eligible for the advanced course. In the advanced courses, Demian will be involved for a day or two of work; participation from other PMC members would be helpful if possible, which is why Mohan has requested CVs from PMC members.

Mohan provided names of nominated country coordinators:

  • Nepal: Lila Niyaichai
  • Sri Lanka: Mariyapillai Jayakananth
  • Namibia: Bravismore Mumanyi

There was some discussion of the MOU and the course content, and Mohan will share syllabi for basic and advanced training courses through the training.vufind.org website.

There is some urgency to get country coordinators approved so that they can begin working, but there was not enough time on the call to reach consensus and clarity. This highlights a need for a clearer PMC decision-making process for the future. For now, further discussion of this issue will be addressed through email.


André, Hugo and Demian have continued work on the GitHub repository for the VuFind book, but have run into some challenges with details of the PDF formatting.

Mohan is looking to do a print-on-demand version of the book through Lulu, which may require a Word document; Demian will check whether the Sphinx document can be exported in this format.

Ere agreed to review two chapters of the Koha book regarding OAI-PMH and plugins.

4. Sustainability Document Discussion

Demian proposed deferring this discussion until the training MOU is finalized, since that may inform the rest of the conversation.

5. Summit Planning

The University of Leipzig is unable to lead the planning of this year's Summit, though they are happy to help support the effort. Mohan offered to lead the work from Tribhuvan University's Central Department of Library and Information Science. Demian noted that Villanova can also provide support as needed (for example, Zoom webinar access). Dates and times were discussed.

Proposed dates, November 15-17, same times (1-4pm UTC) as last year.

Demian will reach out to Lila regarding coordination (and CC: Mohan).

Demian will create a wiki page to begin planning.

6. Release Planning

Following last month's meeting, Demian shared a list of possible features/work for inclusion in 8.0 to be discussed/prioritized, in order to determine an appropriate release date. Outstanding work can be found in the 8.0 JIRA version and the 8.0 GitHub milestone; it may be worthwhile to use the Development Roadmap GitHub project to manage the remaining tasks.

CSV indexing was identified as a priority need; Demian has nearly finished that work, and it should be merged soon (once tests are completed).

Demian has also completed some outstanding 8.0 JIRA tickets, and has others in progress.

Demian moved some obviously stalled 8.0 tickets to the 9.0 milestone to reduce the size of the list.

Due to a shortage of time, further discussion of this issue will take place on the July 6 Community Call.

7. OLF Update

Now that all roles are assigned, Demian needs to work with Villanova to complete the formal process of joining the OLF. He will provide updates as this moves forward.

Action Items

  • Demian: Make further updates to Membership page.
  • Mohan: Share draft MOU, training coordinator CVs and training syllabi with PMC.
  • Mohan/Ere: Collaborate to review outstanding Koha OAI-PMH/plugin chapters.
  • André/Demian/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc.
  • Demian: Investigate whether Sphinx can output Word documents.
  • All: Submit a brief biography for the PMC list, if you have not already.
  • All: Offer feedback on sustainability issues/documentation strategy, if you have not already.
  • Demian: Determine next steps for OLF membership, now that roles have been assigned.
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