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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

PMC Meeting: May 9, 2022

Attending: Scott Anderson (OLF guest), Steph Buck (OLF guest), Leila Gonzales, Beth Gorman (OLF guest), Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, André Lahmann, Jan Maas, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Raj Pradhan

Apologies: Oliver Goldschmidt, Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Demian: follow up with OLF regarding international payment process. DONE
  • Demian: follow up with OLF regarding WOLFcon costs. DONE
  • Demian/Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages. ONGOING
  • Chris/Leila: make progress on video editing queue. ONGOING
  • ALL: review the draft Registered Service Provider Agreement and leave comments for deeper discussion next time. DONE

2. WOLFcon 2022

OLF representatives joined the meeting to discuss WOLFcon/VuFind Summit logistics.

General plan: include an introduction to VuFind (and any in-person events that are appropriate) to the main WOLFcon schedule; these events can be covered by standard WOLFcon fees, as they will be made available for free streaming later. The VuFind Summit will take place a week after WOLFcon as a free online event supported and promoted by the WOLFcon team. This enables us to maintain free access and flexibility while also providing some “extended content” for WOLFcon and taking advantage of cross-promotion, etc.

Next steps:

  • Demian will get to work preparing a “Call for Papers” for VuFind Summit content
  • We need to determine who will lead the “Introduction to VuFind” in-person session (Demian is willing to lead remotely as a last resort, but an in-person facilitator would be strongly preferred)
  • We need to determine the remaining details of other in-person sessions (particularly “VuFind for Specialised Information Services,” being coordinated by André)

Ideally, the WOLFcon schedule details should be pinned down by June 7 at the absolute latest (a week or more earlier is better).

There is an OLF roundtable on May 19 at which further WOLFcon planning will take place. If others are interested in participating, they can reach out to Demian for meeting details.

3. Documentation

Current assignments:

  • Mohan: review/edit/update MeSH, DoAJ and PubMed Central pages; add NepJol page.
  • Demian: InTech Open and Linked Data pages.

No progress since last month.

4. OLF Update

The JIRA migration was successfully completed.

Demian is now working with the OLF to set up some @vufind.org email addresses for standard activities (e.g. treasurer@vufind.org). This may take some time due to the complexity of DNS setup, etc.

Demian also heard from Scott Anderson (the OLF's treasurer) that international payment processes have been worked out. Those interested in learning more can reach out to Scott for details.

5. Release Planning

All outstanding JIRA tickets targeted for 8.1 now have open pull requests associated with them. See the 8.1 milestone in GitHub for all the details. If time permits, reviews/comments are appreciated to help complete this work. Pull requests #2420 and #1791 should be given some priority, since they are the remaining ones likely to cause language file additions, and they should be locked in before Demian starts the process of obtaining updated translations.

If we can complete outstanding work during May and obtain translations during June, a release during July seems potentially realistic. Target date: July 18.

6. Registered Service Provider Agreement

The RSP agreement draft seems to be reaching a fairly stable state.

Scott Anderson from OLF has expressed a willingness to review a draft and (if necessary) pass it along to OLF legal counsel for further feedback once we are satisfied with our version.

The group reviewed the current draft, and there were no objections. Craig is going to do one more pass of resolving comments, after which the whole PMC can review for typos, etc., before passing along to Scott for feedback. Craig also plans to work on a draft of the RSP form.

7. Video Editing Update

Chris finished editing the most recent Community Call tutorial video, so we are caught up there.

The final outstanding editing work is the remainder of the 2021 Summit.

8. Possible Future Actions

Some other possible items for the future:

  • Develop a fundraising communication plan - after February resource planning
  • Discuss a strategy for approaching VuFind services vendors (both for funding support and trademark compliance)
  • Develop a documentation maintenance plan
  • Investigate Dokuwiki enhancements (“old page” alerts, “page ownership” mechanism)
  • Community Call restructuring / marketing
  • “Good first issue” highlighting
  • Outreach to forks for new feature contributions
  • Marketing project (better VuFind definition, website improvements, etc.)
  • Publication / presentation efforts related to PMC and sustainability

Other Items

None this month.

Action Items

  • Demian: draft 2022 VuFind Summit CFP form
  • ALL: consider volunteering to lead “Intro to VuFind” session in person at WOLFcon
  • André: coordinate with Beth on final details of “VuFind for Specialised Information Services” session
  • Demian: schedule 8.1 release
  • ALL: review/comment on 8.1 pull requests as time permits
  • Craig: finalize RSP agreement draft
  • Craig: begin RSP form draft
  • Demian/Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages.
  • Leila: make progress on 2021 VuFind Summit video editing
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