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Book Previews

VuFind® is able to fetch previews for books contained in Google Book Service, HathiTrust and the Open Library. These previews are displayed in results pages and on individual record pages. Lookups are made asynchronously using OCLC, LCCN and ISBN numbers. Administrators can choose to enable one or all of these providers by modifying the “previews” line in config.ini.

Branding Issues

Note that there may be some issues with branding of Google Book Search results. See the Google Branding Guidelines before using GBS.

Controlling Which Previews Display

You can also choose exactly what types of previews you would like to display on the relevant line for each provider. Google Books and Open Library classify their previews as full, partial or noview. Noview pages consist of an index page with some bibliographical information and reviews from 3rd parties. See the JSON results format documentation for more details.

HathiTrust classify their previews according to rights codes. The possible codes are pd,ic,opb,orph,und,umall,world,nobody,pdus,cc-by,cc-by-nd,cc-by-nc-nd,cc-by-nc,cc-by-nc-sa,cc-by-sa,orphcand,cc-zero,und-world. See the HathiTrust rights page for full details

By removing any code from the rights lines, you will prevent previews with these codes from being displayed.

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