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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

OverDrive Configuration

VuFind® can integrate with the OverDrive service. To set it up, see the notes/comments in Overdrive.ini.

The functionality was added by pull request #1188.


  • Support for both MARC and OverDrive record formats
  • Real-time availability using AJAX
  • OverDrive Patron Eligibility Check
  • Place/Cancel Holds
  • Previews (samples)
  • Checkouts/Early Return
  • Download Content
  • Account page shows holds/checkouts
  • Support for Consortium and Advantage Accounts


In order to use the OverDrive Integration, you must have an API Key. If you don't already have one, you can request one from the OverDrive developer site. You should tell them that you are planning on using “Vufind with OverDrive Integration”. This should allow you to get a production key instead of “integration” (i.e. testing) access.


You will need to import your OverDrive records into Vufind, either by importing records straight from OverDrive or from your ILS using your normal import method. In either case, the OverDrive records have to be marked as type “overdrive” (lowercase). If using MARC records you need to edit the OverDrive configuration file to designate that. Note: I've also made the assumption that the OverDrive ID for the title is in the MARC record somewhere. I'm pretty sure it always is if you get your MARC records from OD.

If importing straight from OverDrive I highly recommend using the Record Manager. It does not have built-in support for OverDrive records, but if you email the list, I can provide something to get you started.


The OverDrive feature is made up of 4 main components in addition to a handful of templates. The OverDrive Connector is the main piece that handles all of the calls to the OverDrive API. The record driver is a thin layer on top of the SolrMarc record driver hierarchy and just adds a little bit of logic for non-MARC based record information. The OverDrive Controller mostly just handles requests from the “action” buttons (placing and canceling holds, checking and returning titles out) and for the user account page.


Admin Page

There is a troubleshooting page in the admin module that you can use to check whether the integration is connecting to the OverDrive API correctly.

Log Files

The basic log file is going to be the most helpful in troubleshooting. If something isn't working, there will likely be a message in there somewhere. The OverDrive components put out quite a bit of logging at the debug level.

VuFind® Users list

As always, if you get stuck, posting to the vufind-general users list is a good idea.

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