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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: April 5, 2011

Attending: Lutz Biedinger, Demian Katz, Tuan Nguyen, Eoghan Ó Carragáin, Luke O'Sullivan, Fang Peng, Sean Purcell, Preetha Rao


1. VuDL Release

VuDL, the content management companion to VuFind (for digital libraries, institutional repositories, etc.), was released last week. The software handles image processing, metadata creation, collection arrangement and more, using VuFind for the front end search. For more information, see the project's website.

2. Integration Testing Update

No major updates, but please let Preetha know if you have questions about her updates to the unit_tests wiki page. The next set of tests are being built for user account functionality (login, favorites, etc.); the challenge is configuring the test instance to use DB authentication, since it is not practical to test other methods (like the default LDAP).

Tuan had mentioned on a previous call that he would take a look at the tests, but he hasn't had a chance yet.

3. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-308 - Discussion of QR code support has been revived thanks to a new patch posted by Luke.
  • VUFIND-310 - Eoghan's grid/list view selection patch is nearing completion and will likely be committed soon. Please take a look if you are interested. The issue of whether or not to rename result.tpl to result-list.tpl (code complexity vs. upgrade inconvenience) was discussed. Using subtemplates might be the easiest solution, avoiding complex code while also avoiding support headaches… though it is slightly inefficient.
  • VUFIND-395 - A Dewey Decimal problem in SolrMarc was discovered and is now resolved. Release 1.1 is affected, but the problem can be fixed by upgrading the SolrMarc .jar files.
  • VUFIND-396 - It was just noticed that the Solr index contains a “description” field that is never displayed in the interface; we should correct this.

4. New Mobile Theme

Tuan has committed a first draft of his jquerymobile-based theme. Please take a look.

5. Cart Functionality

Luke has made progress on extending the bulk action work started by Tuan; contact him if you are interested in seeing the latest patch. Currently he has only completed support for the blueprint theme, but default/classic is forthcoming. Tuan is happy with the patch; Demian will try to review it in the near future.

There was some discussion of whether we should get the work in progress into JIRA as a downloadable patch or into Subversion as either disabled code in trunk or as a public branch. The best approach may depend on how many people are interested in collaborating on this feature – please comment on vufind-tech if you want to get involved.

6. Architecture Improvements

No major developments on Demian's part – still waiting for a book shipment to arrive. We will discuss further on the next call.

7. Solr 3.1 Released

A new version of Solr was recently released; Demian will look into upgrading VuFind shortly. The first step is to see if Solr 3.1 will work as a drop-in replacement for the current Solr 1.4. If it does, we can move on to experimentation with Extended Dismax, etc. Demian is also interested in improving the behavior of the advanced search processing using embedded queries, which should be able to go ahead regardless of the upgrade.

There was some discussion of case sensitivity in VuFind (primarily affecting wildcard searches, but also related to the WordDelimiterFilterFactory, which can cause camelCased words to be treated differently than ALLCAPS or all-lowercase words). These issues are probably not going to be changed by the 3.1 upgrade.

There was also discussion of a new advanced search (i.e. guided search – see this wiki page); if anyone wants to work on that, please comment on the JIRA ticket linked from the wiki. Sean will also share a patch he built for optionally accessing the legacy advanced search screen from earlier versions of VuFind in the current code base.

8. Other Topics?

Fang asked about upgrading SolrMarc – some details on the process are available here; though really it's simply a matter of downloading the GenericVuFind version of the package and putting the .jar files in VuFind's import directory.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00).

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