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Icon Set

VuFind already uses a number of icons for different resource types. The Summon interface needs more still. A full set of free icons which can be used by all library applications would be useful and save each application reinventing the wheel. This page is to collect a list of potentially useful icons, classified by type. (S) after an icon signifies 'required for Summon'.

Desired Icons

Content types

  • Newspaper (S)
    • NewspaperArticle (S)
  • Journal (S)
    • JournalArticle (S)
  • Book (S)
    • BookChapter (S)
  • TradePublication (S)
    • TradePublicationArticle (S)
  • BookReview (S)
  • Report (S)
  • Dissertation (S)
    • Master's
    • PhD
  • Newsletter (S)
  • Pamphlet
  • Conference Proceeding (S)
  • Preprint
  • Government Document (S)
  • Dictionary
  • Reference Book
  • Audio Recording (S)
    • Cassette tape
    • CD
    • Playaway
  • Video Recording (S)
    • Video Tape
    • DVD
    • Blu-Ray
  • Archival Material (S)
    • Manuscript (S)
    • Letter
    • Photograph (S)
    • Microfilm (S)
  • Music Score (S)
  • Exam (S)
  • Web Resource (S)
    • eResource Database
    • eBook (S)
    • Computer File (S)
  • Image (S)
  • Map (S)
  • Kit (S)


  • Laptop
  • eBook reader
  • Audio recorder
  • Video recorder
  • Camera
  • Headset


  • Patron
  • Librarian
  • Library staff


  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Binding

Existing Icon Sets

Assuming compatible licensing, it may be desirable to adopt an existing icon set and fill in missing images by applying the same general style. Here are links to some existing sets that may be worth examining:

Icon Artists

This section lists artists who produce icons. While their icons may not be available for a free license, they may be useful contacts if custom work is needed.

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