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VuFind Developer Manual

:!: This page covers development of VuFind 2.x and later; use of earlier versions is no longer recommended.


About VuFind

  • Architecture Notes - Information on VuFind's design and dependencies.
  • How-Tos - Step-by-step instructions on various VuFind development tasks.
  • Plugins - Information on the types of plug-ins used to extend VuFind functionality.
  • Profiling - Information on profiling VuFind's code to improve performance.
  • Testing - Notes on testing VuFind.
  • Troubleshooting - Notes on troubleshooting and debugging VuFind.
  • APIs - APIs that VuFind provides for searching and other functionality.

VuFind Planning

Other Notes

  • Working with MARC - This Code4Lib page offers useful resources for dealing with MARC records.
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