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Making Pull Requests

Anyone may and is encouraged to make and contribute to pull requests. Since VuFind is so flexible, a lot of libraries add custom functionality to their instances. We're thrilled when developers share this code back with us!

A few suggestions to making a good pull request.

To-Do Lists

To-do lists make it easiest for other developers to see the state of your project. It also adds a progress visualizer to the PR list.

You can create to-do lists in the description of a PR using the following syntax:

 - [ ] This is a to-do.
 - [x] This is a finished to-do.
 - [ ] Waiting to get done.
 - [x] Made to-do list

The formatted to-do list in action.


Using labels is a good way to get more eyes on your PR.

awaiting reply This label indicates that the VuFind lead developers are waiting for feedback or contributions on this pull request. If you're PR has this label, the ball is in your court!
breaking Changes are significant enough to break backwards compatibility or cause problems in custom themes.
discussion This PR wants your opinion!
help requested This PR is looking for volunteers or feels ignored by the VuFind dev team.
on hold This PR is waiting for another PR or a change outside of our control (dependency update). Please note what the waiting condition is in a comment and/or the description.

And feel free to label your PR with the closest category available:

  • bugfix
  • improvement
  • new feature

Other GitHub Features

  • Contributor - setting this would let us know who to talk to directly if need be.
  • Milestones - The VuFind main dev team will assign these as needed.
  • Issues are located on JIRA.
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