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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals


Most people are not aware that DOAJ not only provide a Directory of OA journals, but also harvest their articles, which in turn are available to be harvested from DOAJ. And better news, yet: in oai_doaj metadata format (very similar to NLM's – much richer than standard oai:dc). This allows something like

Journal Title: BMGN Low Countries Historical Review    vol: 85    issue: 1

With the first field value (container_title) searchable – to obtain all the articles from this Journal, and the other two acting as filters over this Journal (filter to retrieve all the articles published in the 85th volume or from the first issue in this volume).

Please be aware that you have also the possibility of just harvest the journal relation themselves indexed in DOAJ (will not retrieve their articles, but rather, Journals’ info).

Suggested entry in ./harvest/oai.ini:

url = https://doaj.org/oai.article
metadataPrefix = oai_doaj
idSearch[] = "/oai:doaj.org\/article:/"
idReplace[] = "doaj-art-"
injectId = "identifier"
injectDate = "datestamp" 

There is format definition ready for VuFind harvester (see files ./import/doaj.properties and ./import/xsl/doaj.xsl).

This service was first discussed in the VUFIND-543 JIRA ticket.

:!: The DOAJ format changed significantly between VuFind versions 3 and 4. If your harvest is not working, you may need to update your XSLT. See pull request #944 for details.

:!: If you are using a VuFind version less than 4.0 or a VuFindHarvest version less than 2.3.0, there is a bug that will affect the harvested xml files, and you probably will need to adjust them; this command could help:

sed -i "s/xmlns:oai_doaj/ xmlns:oai_doaj/" local/harvest/DOAJart/*.xml
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