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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Open Data Sources

There is a great deal of freely-available data which may be useful to add to your local VuFind® instance. Authority records from large organizations and standards bodies can help augment your index with cross-references, and Open Access publications can expand the collection that you present to your users.

This page links to a variety of open resources that you might find useful, most of which can be harvested and ingested using standard VuFind® tools. Feel free to add new sources as you find them.

Authority Data

  • OCLC FAST - free, general purpose authority data for names, subjects and more
  • MeSH - medical subject headings

Bibliographic Data

  • Potentially Relevant Projects - A list of complementary projects not currently consumed by core VuFind tools, but potentially worth investigating in the future.
  • Linked Data / Linked Open Data - A list of resources related to and about linked data and linked open data.
  • Shared Index - In the past, there was some discussion about building a shared VuFind index of open content. The project never moved past the idea stage, but if you are interested, you can join the discussion on the VUFIND-570 JIRA ticket.
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