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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Linked Data, Linked Open Data (LOD)

Linked Open Data (LOD) is one component of the Open Data Movement (which aims at making data freely available to everyone). It has been described as a “recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF” (source).

This page presents some selected LOD resources (information, presentations, etc.). Please feel free to add or correct the entries as needed – many of these links were selected in 2012, and there is likely significant room to expand and update the list.

Using Linked Data Sources to Enhance Catalog Discovery

Linked Open Data: The Essentials - Semantic Web Company (PDF);

LinkingOpenData - W3C SWEO (Semantic Web Education and Outreach) Community Project;

Linked Data - Connect Distributed Data across the Web [archived];

LODLAM - Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums;

Europeana Linked Open Data (LOD) | promotional video;

Linked Open Data publication guide (PDF), “report on how to select appropriate encoding strategies for producing Linked Open Data (LOD) enabled bibliographical data” (LODE-BD Recommendations 2.0).

Presentations in Conferences and Seminars

7th IGeLU (The International Group of Ex Libris Users) conference - Zurich, Switzerland, 11 – 13 September 2012

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