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U.S. National Library of Medicine authority records (MeSH), MARC21 format, 2012 version are available to download upon completion of an online memorandum of understanding (easy and fast to import into VuFind's authority module): here – look for the link “Download full file [153MB]”.

A conversion from .bin (ISO2709) into .mrc is required, easily done with Terry Reese's MarcEdit; use MARC Tools > Function: MarcBreaker and then in MARC Editor > “Compile File into MARC”.

A local marc_mesh.properties has to be built in order to map correctly the authority fields used in MeSH (refer to marc_auth.properties as an example).

The following fields should do the work:

id = script(getFirstNormalizedLCCN.bsh), getFirstNormalizedLCCN("001")
source = "U.S. National Library of Medicine authority records (MeSH)"
heading = 100abcdegjqt:110abcdegjqt:111abcdegjqt:130abcdegjqt:150abvxyz:151a:155avxyz:180vxyz:181vxyz:182vxyz:185vxyz
use_for = 400abcdegjqt:410abcdegjqt:411abcdegjqt:430abcdegjqt:450abvxyz:451a:455avxyz:480vxyz:481vxyz:482vxyz:485vxyz
see_also = 500abcdegjqt:510abcdegjqt:511abcdegjqt:530abcdegjqt:550abvxyz:551a:555avxyz:580vxyz:581vxyz:582vxyz:585vxyz
scope_note = custom, getAllSubfields(667:680:688, " ")

According to NLM, this “full file contains all terms with 26,581 descriptor records, 83 qualifier records, and 593,280 descriptor/qualifier combinations, for a total of 619,944 records”.

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