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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Service Name Migration

7.0 Changes

Because of the migration from Zend Framework to Laminas in VuFind 7.0, any service names or factories beginning with the word “Zend” need to be changed to begin with the word “Laminas” instead.

5.0 Changes

In VuFind 5.0, the switch to Zend ServiceManager v3 means that internal service names are now case-sensitive. This requires some changes. This page documents pre-5.0 service names and post-5.0 equivalents to help you update your local code.

Core Services

The way VuFind addresses some core Zend services has changed.

Zend Framework

  • viewmanager is now ViewManager

Zend Translator Plugins

  • extendedini is now ExtendedIni

VuFind Services

The names of services defined within VuFind have also changed.

Top-Level Services

Services defined by VuFind within the top-level service manager now use fully qualified class names as service names, with former names set up as aliases for backward compatibility.

  • VuFind\AccountCapabilities is now VuFind\Config\AccountCapabilities
  • VuFind\AuthManager is now VuFind\Auth\Manager
  • VuFind\AuthPluginManager is now VuFind\Auth\PluginManager
  • VuFind\AutocompletePluginManager is now VuFind\Autocomplete\PluginManager
  • VuFind\CacheManager is now VuFind\Cache\Manager
  • VuFind\ChannelProviderPluginManager is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\PluginManager
  • VuFind\Config is now VuFind\Config\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentAuthorNotesPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\AuthorNotes\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentCoversPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\Covers\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentExcerptsPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\Excerpts\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentReviewsPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentSummariesPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\Summaries\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ContentTOCPluginManager is now VuFind\Content\TOC\PluginManager
  • VuFind\CookieManager is now VuFind\Cookie\CookieManager
  • VuFind\DateConverter is now VuFind\Date\Converter
  • VuFind\DbAdapter is now Zend\Db\Adapter\Adapter
  • VuFind\DbAdapterFactory is now VuFind\Db\AdapterFactory
  • VuFind\DbRowPluginManager is now VuFind\Db\Row\PluginManager
  • VuFind\DbTablePluginManager is now VuFind\Db\Table\PluginManager
  • VuFind\HierarchicalFacetHelper is now VuFind\Search\Solr\HierarchicalFacetHelper
  • VuFind\HierarchyDriverPluginManager is now VuFind\Hierarchy\Driver\PluginManager
  • VuFind\HierarchyTreeDataFormatterPluginManager is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataFormatter\PluginManager
  • VuFind\HierarchyTreeDataSourcePluginManager is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataSource\PluginManager
  • VuFind\HierarchyTreeRendererPluginManager is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeRenderer\PluginManager
  • VuFind\HMAC is now VuFind\Crypt\HMAC
  • VuFind\Http is now VuFindHttp\HttpService
  • VuFind\ILSAuthenticator is now VuFind\Auth\ILSAuthenticator
  • VuFind\ILSConnection is now VuFind\ILS\Connection
  • VuFind\ILSDriverPluginManager is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ILSHoldLogic is now VuFind\ILS\Logic\Holds
  • VuFind\ILSHoldSettings is now VuFind\ILS\HoldSettings
  • VuFind\ILSTitleHoldLogic is now VuFind\ILS\Logic\TitleHolds
  • VuFind\IpAddressUtils is now VuFind\Net\IpAddressUtils
  • VuFind\Logger is now VuFind\Log\Logger
  • VuFind\Mailer is now VuFind\Mailer\Mailer
  • VuFind\ProxyConfig is now ProxyManager\Configuration
  • VuFind\Recaptcha is now VuFind\Service\ReCaptcha
  • VuFind\RecommendPluginManager is now VuFind\Recommend\PluginManager
  • VuFind\RecordCache is now VuFind\Record\Cache
  • VuFind\RecordDriverPluginManager is now VuFind\RecordDriver\PluginManager
  • VuFind\RecordLoader is now VuFind\Record\Loader
  • VuFind\RecordRouter is now VuFind\Record\Router
  • VuFind\RecordTabPluginManager is now VuFind\RecordTab\PluginManager
  • VuFind\RelatedPluginManager is now VuFind\Related\PluginManager
  • VuFind\ResolverDriverPluginManager is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\PluginManager
  • VuFind\Search is now VuFindSearch\Service
  • VuFind\SearchOptionsPluginManager is now VuFind\Search\Options\PluginManager
  • VuFind\SearchParamsPluginManager is now VuFind\Search\Params\PluginManager
  • VuFind\SearchResultsPluginManager is now VuFind\Search\Results\PluginManager
  • VuFind\SearchRunner is now VuFind\Search\SearchRunner
  • VuFind\SearchSpecsReader is now VuFind\Config\SearchSpecsReader
  • VuFind\SearchTabsHelper is now VuFind\Search\SearchTabsHelper
  • VuFind\SessionManager is now Zend\Session\SessionManager
  • VuFind\SessionPluginManager is now VuFind\Session\PluginManager
  • VuFind\SMS is now VuFind\SMS\SMSInterface
  • VuFind\Translator is now Zend\Mvc\I18n\Translator
  • VuFind\WorldCatUtils is now VuFind\Connection\WorldCatUtils
  • VuFind\YamlReader is now VuFind\Config\YamlReader

Authentication Plugins

We now use fully-qualified class names as primary service names, with the old short, lowercase names as aliases.

  • cas is now VuFind\Auth\CAS
  • choiceauth is now VuFind\Auth\ChoiceAuth
  • database is now VuFind\Auth\Database
  • facebook is now VuFind\Auth\Facebook
  • ils is now VuFind\Auth\ILS
  • ldap is now VuFind\Auth\LDAP
  • multiauth is now VuFind\Auth\MultiAuth
  • multiils is now VuFind\Auth\MultiILS
  • shibboleth is now VuFind\Auth\Shibboleth
  • sip2 is now VuFind\Auth\SIP2

Autocomplete Plugins

We now use fully-qualified class names as primary service names, with the old short, lowercase names as aliases.

  • none is now VuFind\Autocomplete\None
  • oclcidentities is now VuFind\Autocomplete\OCLCIdentities
  • solr is now VuFind\Autocomplete\Solr
  • solrauth is now VuFind\Autocomplete\SolrAuth
  • solrcn is now VuFind\Autocomplete\SolrCN
  • solrreserves is now VuFind\Autocomplete\SolrReserves
  • tag is now VuFind\Autocomplete\Tag

Channel Providers

We now use fully-qualified class names as primary service names, with the old short, lowercase names as aliases.

  • alphabrowse is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\AlphaBrowse
  • facets is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\Facets
  • listitems is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\ListItems
  • random is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\Random
  • similaritems is now VuFind\ChannelProvider\SimilarItems

Controller Plugins

We now use fully-qualified class names as service names, with aliases for the case-sensitive short name used for invoking the plugins in controller code.

  • db-upgrade is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\DbUpgrade (with alias dbUpgrade)
  • favorites is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Favorites
  • flashmessenger is now Zend\Mvc\Plugin\FlashMessenger\FlashMessenger (with alias flashMessenger)
  • followup is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Followup
  • holds is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Holds
  • ILLRequests is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\ILLRequests
  • newitems is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\NewItems
  • permission is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Permission
  • recaptcha is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Recaptcha
  • renewals is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Renewals
  • reserves is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\Reserves
  • result-scroller is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\ResultScroller (with alias resultScroller)
  • storageRetrievalRequests is now VuFind\Controller\Plugin\StorageRetrievalRequests


VuFind's controller service names now need to match the fully-qualified class names of the controllers while providing aliases that match routes in a case-sensitive fashion. By default, camelCase and lowercase aliases are provided for most controllers by default. Several modules have had to be adjusted; all of the services are listed alphabetically here.

  • admin is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\AdminController
  • adminconfig is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\ConfigController
  • adminmaintenance is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\MaintenanceController
  • adminsocial is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\SocialController
  • adminstatistics is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\StatisticsController
  • admintags is now VuFindAdmin\Controller\TagsController
  • ajax is now VuFind\Controller\AjaxController
  • alphabrowse is now VuFind\Controller\AlphabrowseController
  • api is now VuFindApi\Controller\ApiController
  • author is now VuFind\Controller\AuthorController
  • authority is now VuFind\Controller\AuthorityController
  • browse is now VuFind\Controller\BrowseController
  • browzine is now VuFind\Controller\BrowZineController
  • cart is now VuFind\Controller\CartController
  • channels is now VuFind\Controller\ChannelsController
  • collection is now VuFind\Controller\CollectionController
  • collections is now VuFind\Controller\CollectionsController
  • combined is now VuFind\Controller\CombinedController
  • compile is now VuFindConsole\Controller\CompileController
  • confirm is now VuFind\Controller\ConfirmController
  • content is now VuFind\Controller\ContentController
  • cover is now VuFind\Controller\CoverController
  • devtools is now VuFindDevTools\Controller\DevtoolsController
  • eds is now VuFind\Controller\EdsController
  • edsrecord is now VuFind\Controller\EdsrecordController
  • eit is now VuFind\Controller\EITController
  • eitrecord is now VuFind\Controller\EITrecordController
  • error is now VuFind\Controller\ErrorController
  • externalauth is now VuFind\Controller\ExternalAuthController
  • feedback is now VuFind\Controller\FeedbackController
  • generate is now VuFindConsole\Controller\GenerateController
  • harvest is now VuFindConsole\Controller\HarvestController
  • help is now VuFind\Controller\HelpController
  • hierarchy is now VuFind\Controller\HierarchyController
  • import is now VuFindConsole\Controller\ImportController
  • index is now VuFind\Controller\IndexController
  • install is now VuFind\Controller\InstallController
  • language is now VuFindConsole\Controller\LanguageController
  • libguides is now VuFind\Controller\LibGuidesController
  • librarycards is now VuFind\Controller\LibraryCardsController
  • missingrecord is now VuFind\Controller\MissingrecordController
  • my-research is now VuFind\Controller\MyResearchController
  • oai is now VuFind\Controller\OaiController
  • pazpar2 is now VuFind\Controller\Pazpar2Controller
  • primo is now VuFind\Controller\PrimoController
  • primorecord is now VuFind\Controller\PrimorecordController
  • qrcode is now VuFind\Controller\QRCodeController
  • record is now VuFind\Controller\RecordController
  • records is now VuFind\Controller\RecordsController
  • redirect is now VuFindConsole\Controller\RedirectController
  • search is now VuFind\Controller\SearchController
  • searchapi is now VuFindApi\Controller\SearchApiController
  • shibbolethlogoutnotification is now VuFind\Controller\ShibbolethLogoutNotificationController
  • summon is now VuFind\Controller\SummonController
  • summonrecord is now VuFind\Controller\SummonrecordController
  • tag is now VuFind\Controller\TagController
  • upgrade is now VuFind\Controller\UpgradeController
  • util is now VuFindConsole\Controller\UtilController
  • web is now VuFind\Controller\WebController
  • worldcat is now VuFind\Controller\WorldcatController
  • worldcatrecord is now VuFind\Controller\WorldcatrecordController

Content Loader Plugins

These service names now match fully qualified class names, with old short names set up as aliases.

Author Notes
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\AuthorNotes\Syndetics
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\Content\AuthorNotes\SyndeticsPlus
  • amazon is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Amazon
  • booksite is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Booksite
  • buchhandel is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Buchhandel
  • contentcafe is now VuFind\Content\Covers\ContentCafe
  • google is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Google
  • librarything is now VuFind\Content\Covers\LibraryThing
  • localfile is now VuFind\Content\Covers\LocalFile
  • openlibrary is now VuFind\Content\Covers\OpenLibrary
  • summon is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Summon
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\Covers\Syndetics
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\Excerpts\Syndetics
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\Content\Excerpts\SyndeticsPlus
  • amazon is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\Amazon
  • amazoneditorial is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\AmazonEditorial
  • booksite is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\Booksite
  • guardian is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\Guardian
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\Syndetics
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\Content\Reviews\SyndeticsPlus
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\Summaries\Syndetics
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\Content\Summaries\SyndeticsPlus
Tables of Contents
  • syndetics is now VuFind\Content\TOC\Syndetics
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\Content\TOC\SyndeticsPlus

Database Row Gateways

Row gateway service names now match fully qualified class names, with old short names set up as aliases.

  • changetracker is now VuFind\Db\Row\ChangeTracker
  • comments is now VuFind\Db\Row\Comments
  • externalsession is now VuFind\Db\Row\ExternalSession
  • oairesumption is now VuFind\Db\Row\OaiResumption
  • record is now VuFind\Db\Row\Record
  • resource is now VuFind\Db\Row\Resource
  • resourcetags is now VuFind\Db\Row\ResourceTags
  • search is now VuFind\Db\Row\Search
  • session is now VuFind\Db\Row\Session
  • tags is now VuFind\Db\Row\Tags
  • user is now VuFind\Db\Row\User
  • usercard is now VuFind\Db\Row\UserCard
  • userlist is now VuFind\Db\Row\UserList
  • userresource is now VuFind\Db\Row\UserResource

Database Table Gateways

Table gateway service names now match fully qualified class names, with old short names set up as aliases.

  • changetracker is now VuFind\Db\Table\ChangeTracker
  • comments is now VuFind\Db\Table\Comments
  • externalsession is now VuFind\Db\Table\ExternalSession
  • oairesumption is now VuFind\Db\Table\OaiResumption
  • record is now VuFind\Db\Table\Record
  • resource is now VuFind\Db\Table\Resource
  • resourcetags is now VuFind\Db\Table\ResourceTags
  • search is now VuFind\Db\Table\Search
  • session is now VuFind\Db\Table\Session
  • tags is now VuFind\Db\Table\Tags
  • user is now VuFind\Db\Table\User
  • usercard is now VuFind\Db\Table\UserCard
  • userlist is now VuFind\Db\Table\UserList
  • userresource is now VuFind\Db\Table\UserResource

Hierarchy Plugins

With the exception of the hierarchy driver plugins, which use “virtual” class names pointing to differently-configured instances of the same class, hierarchy-related plugin service names now match fully qualified class names, with old short names set up as aliases.

  • default is now VuFind\Hierarchy\Driver\HierarchyDefault
  • flat is now VuFind\Hierarchy\Driver\HierarchyFlat
Tree Data Formatters
  • json is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataFormatter\Json
  • xml is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataFormatter\Xml
Tree Data Sources
  • solr is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataSource\Solr
  • xmlfile is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeDataSource\XMLFile
Tree Renderers
  • jstree is now VuFind\Hierarchy\TreeRenderer\JSTree'

ILS Drivers

ILS driver service names have been changed to match the fully qualified class names of the plugins, with the old short names set up as aliases.

  • aleph is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Aleph
  • amicus is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Amicus
  • claviussql is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\ClaviusSQL
  • daia is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\DAIA
  • demo is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Demo
  • evergreen is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Evergreen
  • horizon is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Horizon
  • horizonxmlapi is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\HorizonXMLAPI
  • innovative is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Innovative
  • koha is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Koha
  • kohailsdi is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\KohaILSDI
  • lbs4 is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\LBS4
  • multibackend is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\MultiBackend
  • newgenlib is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\NewGenLib
  • noils is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\NoILS
  • paia is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\PAIA
  • polaris is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Polaris
  • sample is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Sample
  • sierra is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Sierra
  • sierrarest is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\SierraRest
  • symphony is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Symphony
  • unicorn is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Unicorn
  • virtua is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Virtua
  • voyager is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\Voyager
  • voyagerrestful is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\VoyagerRestful
  • xcncip2 is now VuFind\ILS\Driver\XCNCIP2

Permission Provider Plugins

Permission provider service names have been changed to match the fully qualified class names of the plugins, with the old short names set up as aliases.

  • ipRange is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\IpRange
  • ipRegEx is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\IpRegEx
  • role is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\Role
  • serverParam is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\ServerParam
  • shibboleth is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\Shibboleth
  • user is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\User
  • username is now VuFind\Role\PermissionProvider\Username

Recommendation Modules

Recommendation module service names have been changed to match the fully qualified class names of the plugins, with the old short names set up as aliases.

  • alphabrowselink is now VuFind\Recommend\AlphaBrowseLink
  • authorfacets is now VuFind\Recommend\AuthorFacets
  • authorinfo is now VuFind\Recommend\AuthorInfo
  • authorityrecommend is now VuFind\Recommend\AuthorityRecommend
  • catalogresults is now VuFind\Recommend\CatalogResults
  • channels is now VuFind\Recommend\Channels
  • collectionsidefacets is now VuFind\Recommend\CollectionSideFacets
  • doi is now VuFind\Recommend\DOI
  • dplaterms is now VuFind\Recommend\DPLATerms
  • europeanaresults is now VuFind\Recommend\EuropeanaResults
  • europeanaresultsdeferred is now VuFind\Recommend\EuropeanaResultsDeferred
  • expandfacets is now VuFind\Recommend\ExpandFacets
  • facetcloud is now VuFind\Recommend\FacetCloud
  • favoritefacets is now VuFind\Recommend\FavoriteFacets
  • libraryh3lp is now VuFind\Recommend\Libraryh3lp
  • mapselection is now VuFind\Recommend\MapSelection
  • sidefacets is now VuFind\Recommend\SideFacets
  • openlibrarysubjects is now VuFind\Recommend\OpenLibrarySubjects
  • openlibrarysubjectsdeferred is now VuFind\Recommend\OpenLibrarySubjectsDeferred
  • pubdatevisajax is now VuFind\Recommend\PubDateVisAjax
  • randomrecommend is now VuFind\Recommend\RandomRecommend
  • removefilters is now VuFind\Recommend\RemoveFilters
  • spellingsuggestions is now VuFind\Recommend\SpellingSuggestions
  • summonbestbets is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonBestBets
  • summonbestbetsdeferred is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonBestBetsDeferred
  • summondatabases is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonDatabases
  • summondatabasesdeferred is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonDatabasesDeferred
  • summonresults is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonResults
  • summonresultsdeferred is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonResultsDeferred
  • summontopics is now VuFind\Recommend\SummonTopics
  • switchquery is now VuFind\Recommend\SwitchQuery
  • switchtype is now VuFind\Recommend\SwitchType
  • topfacets is now VuFind\Recommend\TopFacets
  • visualfacets is now VuFind\Recommend\VisualFacets
  • webresults is now VuFind\Recommend\WebResults
  • worldcatidentities is now VuFind\Recommend\WorldCatIdentities

Record Drivers

Record drivers now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • browzine is now VuFind\RecordDriver\BrowZine
  • eds is now VuFind\RecordDriver\EDS
  • eit is now VuFind\RecordDriver\EIT
  • libguides is now VuFind\RecordDriver\LibGuides
  • missing is now VuFind\RecordDriver\Missing
  • pazpar2 is now VuFind\RecordDriver\Pazpar2
  • primo is now VuFind\RecordDriver\Primo
  • solrauth is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrAuth
  • solrdefault is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrDefault
  • solrmarc is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrMarc
  • solrmarcremote is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrMarcRemote
  • solrreserves is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrReserves
  • solrweb is now VuFind\RecordDriver\SolrWeb
  • summon is now VuFind\RecordDriver\Summon
  • worldcat is now VuFind\RecordDriver\WorldCat

Record Tab Plugins

Record tab plugins now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • collectionhierarchytree is now VuFind\RecordTab\CollectionHierarchyTree
  • collectionlist is now VuFind\RecordTab\CollectionList
  • description is now VuFind\RecordTab\Description
  • excerpt is now VuFind\RecordTab\Excerpt
  • hierarchytree is now VuFind\RecordTab\HierarchyTree
  • holdingsils is now VuFind\RecordTab\HoldingsILS
  • holdingsworldcat is now VuFind\RecordTab\HoldingsWorldCat
  • map is now VuFind\RecordTab\Map
  • preview is now VuFind\RecordTab\Preview
  • reviews is now VuFind\RecordTab\Reviews
  • similaritemscarousel is now VuFind\RecordTab\SimilarItemsCarousel
  • staffviewarray is now VuFind\RecordTab\StaffViewArray
  • staffviewmarc is now VuFind\RecordTab\StaffViewMARC
  • toc is now VuFind\RecordTab\TOC
  • usercomments is now VuFind\RecordTab\UserComments

Related record modules now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • channels is now VuFind\Related\Channels
  • similar is now VuFind\Related\Similar
  • worldcatsimilar is now VuFind\Related\WorldCatSimilar

Resolver Drivers

Resolver drivers now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • 360link is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\Threesixtylink
  • demo is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\Demo
  • ezb is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\Ezb
  • sfx is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\Sfx
  • redi is now VuFind\Resolver\Driver\Redi

Search Objects

The options, params and results objects now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • browzine is now VuFind\Search\BrowZine\Options
  • combined is now VuFind\Search\Combined\Options
  • eds is now VuFind\Search\EDS\Options
  • eit is now VuFind\Search\EIT\Options
  • emptyset is now VuFind\Search\EmptySet\Options
  • favorites is now VuFind\Search\Favorites\Options
  • libguides is now VuFind\Search\LibGuides\Options
  • mixedlist is now VuFind\Search\MixedList\Options
  • pazpar2 is now VuFind\Search\Pazpar2\Options
  • primo is now VuFind\Search\Primo\Options
  • solr is now VuFind\Search\Solr\Options
  • solrauth is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuth\Options
  • solrauthor is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthor\Options
  • solrauthorfacets is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthorFacets\Options
  • solrcollection is now VuFind\Search\SolrCollection\Options
  • solrreserves is now VuFind\Search\SolrReserves\Options
  • solrweb is now VuFind\Search\SolrWeb\Options
  • summon is now VuFind\Search\Summon\Options
  • tags is now VuFind\Search\Tags\Options
  • worldcat is now VuFind\Search\WorldCat\Options
  • browzine is now VuFind\Search\BrowZine\Params
  • combined is now VuFind\Search\Combined\Params
  • eds is now VuFind\Search\EDS\Params
  • eit is now VuFind\Search\EIT\Params
  • emptyset is now VuFind\Search\EmptySet\Params
  • favorites is now VuFind\Search\Favorites\Params
  • libguides is now VuFind\Search\LibGuides\Params
  • mixedlist is now VuFind\Search\MixedList\Params
  • pazpar2 is now VuFind\Search\Pazpar2\Params
  • primo is now VuFind\Search\Primo\Params
  • solr is now VuFind\Search\Solr\Params
  • solrauth is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuth\Params
  • solrauthor is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthor\Params
  • solrauthorfacets is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthorFacets\Params
  • solrcollection is now VuFind\Search\SolrCollection\Params
  • solrreserves is now VuFind\Search\SolrReserves\Params
  • solrweb is now VuFind\Search\SolrWeb\Params
  • summon is now VuFind\Search\Summon\Params
  • tags is now VuFind\Search\Tags\Params
  • worldcat is now VuFind\Search\WorldCat\Params
  • browzine is now VuFind\Search\BrowZine\Results
  • combined is now VuFind\Search\Combined\Results
  • eds is now VuFind\Search\EDS\Results
  • eit is now VuFind\Search\EIT\Results
  • emptyset is now VuFind\Search\EmptySet\Results
  • favorites is now VuFind\Search\Favorites\Results
  • libguides is now VuFind\Search\LibGuides\Results
  • mixedlist is now VuFind\Search\MixedList\Results
  • pazpar2 is now VuFind\Search\Pazpar2\Results
  • primo is now VuFind\Search\Primo\Results
  • solr is now VuFind\Search\Solr\Results
  • solrauth is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuth\Results
  • solrauthor is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthor\Results
  • solrauthorfacets is now VuFind\Search\SolrAuthorFacets\Results
  • solrcollection is now VuFind\Search\SolrCollection\Results
  • solrreserves is now VuFind\Search\SolrReserves\Results
  • solrweb is now VuFind\Search\SolrWeb\Results
  • summon is now VuFind\Search\Summon\Results
  • tags is now VuFind\Search\Tags\Results
  • worldcat is now VuFind\Search\WorldCat\Results

Session Handlers

Session handlers now use fully qualified class names as service names, with the previous service names set up as aliases.

  • database is now VuFind\Session\Database
  • file is now VuFind\Session\File
  • memcache is now VuFind\Session\Memcache

View Helpers

View helpers are now defined using fully qualified class names as service names. Aliases have been adjusted to match the case by which helpers are called in templates.

  • accountcapabilities is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\AccountCapabilities (with alias accountCapabilities)
  • addellipsis is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\AddEllipsis (with alias addEllipsis)
  • addthis is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\AddThis (with alias addThis)
  • alphabrowse is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\AlphaBrowse
  • auth is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Auth
  • authornotes is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\AuthorNotes (with alias authorNotes)
  • browse is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Browse
  • cart is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Cart
  • citation is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Citation
  • context is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Context
  • currentpath is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\CurrentPath (with alias currentPath)
  • datetime is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\DateTime (with alias dateTime)
  • displaylanguageoption is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\DisplayLanguageOption (with alias displayLanguageOption)
  • export is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Export
  • feedback is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Feedback
  • flashmessages is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Flashmessages or VuFind\View\Helper\Bootstrap3\Flashmessages
  • geocoords is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\GeoCoords
  • googleanalytics is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\GoogleAnalytics
  • headlink is now Zend\View\Helper\HeadLink
  • headscript is now Zend\View\Helper\HeadScript
  • headthemeresources is now VuFindTheme\View\Helper\HeadThemeResources (with alias headThemeResources)
  • helptext is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\HelpText (with alias helpText)
  • highlight is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Highlight or VuFind\View\Helper\Bootstrap3\Highlight
  • historylabel is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\HistoryLabel
  • ils is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Ils
  • imagelink is now VuFindTheme\View\Helper\ImageLink (with alias imageLink)
  • inlinescript is now Zend\View\Helper\InlineScript
  • jstranslations is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\JsTranslations (with alias jsTranslations)
  • keepalive is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\KeepAlive (with alias keepAlive)
  • layoutclass is now VuFind\View\Helper\Bootstrap3\LayoutClass (with alias layoutClass)
  • localizedNumber is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\LocalizedNumber
  • openurl is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\OpenUrl (with alias openUrl)
  • permission is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Permission
  • piwik is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Piwik
  • printms is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Printms
  • proxyurl is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\ProxyUrl (with alias proxyUrl)
  • recaptcha is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Recaptcha or VuFind\View\Helper\Bootstrap3\Recaptcha
  • recommend is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Recommend
  • record is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Record
  • recorddataformatter is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\RecordDataFormatter (with alias recordDataFormatter)
  • recordlink is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\RecordLink (with alias recordLink)
  • related is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Related
  • renderarray is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\RenderArray (with alias renderArray)
  • resultfeed is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\ResultFeed
  • safemoneyformat is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SafeMoneyFormat (with alias safeMoneyFormat)
  • search is now VuFind\View\Helper\Bootstrap3\Search
  • searchmemory is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SearchMemory (with alias searchMemory)
  • searchoptions is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SearchOptions (with alias searchOptions)
  • searchparams is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SearchParams (with alias searchParams)
  • searchtabs is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SearchTabs (with alias searchTabs)
  • searchbox is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SearchBox
  • sortfacetlist is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SortFacetList (with alias sortFacetList)
  • summaries is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Summaries
  • summon is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Summon
  • syndeticsplus is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SyndeticsPlus (with alias syndeticsPlus)
  • systememail is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\SystemEmail (with alias systemEmail)
  • transesc is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\TransEsc (with alias transEsc)
  • translate is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Translate
  • truncate is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\Truncate
  • userlist is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\UserList
  • usertags is now VuFind\View\Helper\Root\UserTags
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