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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

PMC Meeting: September 13, 2021

Attending: Oliver Goldschmidt, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, André Lahmann, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Pradhan, Hajo Seng

Apologies: Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Mohan/Ere: Collaborate to review outstanding Koha OAI-PMH/plugin chapters. ONGOING
  • Demian: Link up CV from PMC list as proof of concept. DONE
  • André/Demian/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc. ONGOING
  • All: Participate in “It Takes a Village” sustainability exercises. ONGOING
  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward. ONGOING

2. VuFind Trademark

Villanova has successfully registered VuFind as a trademark; this move was intended to protect the project from future name changes (since a legal complaint about naming caused the Hydra project considerable inconvenience a few years ago). We now need to do some work to put the ® mark in various places.

Leila volunteered to help with the graphics.

Demian will put together a wiki page about the trademark.

3. OLF Update

Villanova and the OLF are continuing to discuss the move of VuFind into the OLF; legal review is ongoing.

4. Documentation

The focus on the VuFind 8.0 release has distracted from this; it should get more attention post-release.

André suggested getting the Learning VuFind book sorted out before the Summit in November, since it will get attention at that time.

There have been some delays with the Koha chapters for Ere to review; Mohan will send them when time permits.

5. Summit Planning

The call for papers closes in two days. Several proposals have already been received. When the CFP closes, Demian will share the submissions with the PMC, and we can discuss whether we need to develop additional content to fill out the schedule.

6. Release Planning

VuFind 8.0 will be released in one week. Please test/review the latest code so we can catch any outstanding bugs before they are released!

As of today, all open JIRA tickets are resolved (apart from the translation task, which will remain open until the release in case of late contributions – but most expected files have already been received).

There are two open pull requests that might be worth considering for inclusion in the 8.0 release: #1962 (utilize icon helper) and #2121 (new truncation mechanism).

Consensus: #1962 should go into a major release. We will try to get it into 8.0; Demian will review today, Ere will review tomorrow.

#2121 is a lower priority; Demian will investigate whether he can convert all existing templates to use the new mechanism but is not optimistic there will be time before the 8.0 release.

André may have some resources on Thursday to help with further testing/review (Demian proposed testing a merge of dev).

7. It Takes a Village Beta

The exercise we tested during the September Community Call was productive and yielded a number of potentially valuable ideas and suggestions.

The ITAV team suggested that we consider running the first two activities as well; activity one is about identifying stakeholders in the community and prioritizing communications; activity two is about developing fictional user personas. Due to limited time (and some questions about the value of user personas for our purposes), the group decided to focus on activity one, scheduling a one-hour meeting to work through the activity.

Demian scheduled a meeting for September 20 to run through the next exercise.

Other Items

Mohan is working on creating a shared index of DOAJ and open journals, including SDI services for VuFind members. The plan is to expand to additional open content.

Demian also pointed out VUFIND-1500 which references an API for open access resources; we should see how this might relate to the new project, if at all.

Action Items

  • Mohan/Ere: Collaborate to review outstanding Koha OAI-PMH/plugin chapters.
  • André/Demian/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc.
  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward.
  • Demian: Consider incorporating a “Learning VuFind” book launch event into the Summit.
  • Leila: Update VuFind logo to contain ® mark.
  • Demian: Develop a wiki page about the VuFind trademark.
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