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Site Tools

Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Third-Party Add-ons

Here are some tools that you might find useful in enhancing your VuFind® installation:

  • MARCgrep - a tool for searching and exporting MARC records in your Solr index.
  • RecordManager - This tool, currently still under development by the National Library of Finland, can be fit into your workflow to allow pre-processing and storage of records prior to indexing.
  • Renewals plugin: The LSE Library Widgets Toolkit is a suite of middleware and widgets for loan lists, book renewals, and fine payments - currently with a VuFind® plugin for renewals.
  • Stackmap - The StackMap service offers a commercial solution to implementing a Map It! icon feature in VuFind®.
  • umich_solr_library_filters: Some useful Solr filters for dealing with library identifiers (call numbers, LCCNs, ISBNs); these are not used by VuFind® by default but may allow useful local customizations.
  • Voyager-to-VuFind® Tool: This program from Auburn University is designed to transfer records directly from the Voyager ILS to VuFind®'s index.
  • VuFind® Add-On for Illiad: a plug-in for searching VuFind® from within the Interlibrary Loan tool.

Please feel free to add notes on additional resources.

VuFind® Variants

Here are some customized VuFind® code bases that might contain ideas that can be adapted for your own VuFind® instance:

  • FINC - This project currently develops discovery systems based on VuFind® for eleven university libraries in Saxony.
  • VuFind-Plus - This VuFind® variant adds eContent functionality, alternate themes and additional consortial features.
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