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Site Tools

Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Third-Party Add-ons

Here are some tools that you might find useful in enhancing your VuFind installation:

  • MARCgrep - a tool for searching and exporting MARC records in your Solr index.
  • RecordManager - This tool, currently still under development by the National Library of Finland, can be fit into your workflow to allow pre-processing and storage of records prior to indexing.
  • Renewals plugin: The LSE Library Widgets Toolkit is a suite of middleware and widgets for loan lists, book renewals, and fine payments - currently with a VuFind plugin for renewals.
  • Stackmap - The StackMap service offers a commercial solution to implementing a Map It! icon feature in VuFind.
  • umich_solr_library_filters: Some useful Solr filters for dealing with library identifiers (call numbers, LCCNs, ISBNs); these are not used by VuFind by default but may allow useful local customizations.
  • Voyager-to-VuFind Tool: This program from Auburn University is designed to transfer records directly from the Voyager ILS to VuFind's index.
  • VuFind Add-On for Illiad: a plug-in for searching VuFind from within the Interlibrary Loan tool.
  • VuFind Template App for SciVerse: a tool for embedding VuFind results in Elsevier's SciVerse platform.

Please feel free to add notes on additional resources.

VuFind Variants

Here are some customized VuFind code bases that might contain ideas that can be adapted for your own VuFind instance:

  • FINC - This project currently develops discovery systems based on VuFind for eleven university libraries in Saxony.
  • VuFind-Plus - This VuFind variant adds eContent functionality, alternate themes and additional consortial features.
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