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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind 2.0 Conference - Attendee List

This page lists the attendees of the VuFind 2.0 Conference. Since the event has now concluded, registration is closed.

In-Person Attendees

NameContact InfoAttending 9/15Attending 9/16Interested in Pre/Post Conference
C.J. O'Haracj@marmot.orgYesYesYes
Daniel Lovinsdaniel DOT lovins AT yale DOT eduYesYesYes
Demian Katzdemian DOT katz AT villanova DOT eduYesYesYes
Eric Lease Morganemorgan@nd.eduYesYesMaybe
Greg Pendleburygreg.pendlebury@usq.edu.auYesYesYes
John Houserhouser@hslc.orgYesYesYes
Kun Lindnwk Θ linkun.infoYesYesYes
Eoghan Ó Carragáineoghan.ocarragain@gmail.comYesYesYes (post)
Luke O'Sullivanl.osullivan@swansea.ac.ukYesYesYes
Sean Purcellseanpurc AT uga DOT eduYesYesMaybe
Till Kinstlerkinstler@gbv.deYesYesYes (I'll be in Villanova from Sep, 14th till Sep, 17th around noon)
Tuan Nguyentuan at yorku dot caYesYesYes
Michelle Suranofskymis306@lehigh.eduYesYesMaybe
Andrew Nagyandrew DOT nagy AT serialssolution DOC comYesNoMaybe
Jean-Paul Bessoubessouke@wfu.eduYesYesYes
Christopher Spaldingchristopher DOT spalding AT exlibrisgroup DOT comYesYesMaybe
Greg McClellangam@brandeis.eduYesYesMaybe
Tania Fersenheimtaniaf@brandeis.eduYesYesMaybe
Dan Davisdavis@rowan.eduyesyesyes
Erik Mitchellmitcheet@wfu.eduyesyesMaybe
Mark Sandfordsandfordm1@wpunj.eduMaybeMaybeMaybe
Birong Hobirong.ho@wmich.eduyesyes
Taras Danylaktdanylak at YorkU in CanadaYesYesYes
Julia Bauderbauderj at grinnell dot eduYesYesMaybe
Ali Sadaqain sadaqain at YorkU dot caYesYesMaybe
Carolyn Polgardypolgardyc at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
Camille Tomlintomlinc at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
Laura Mooremoorel at freelibrary dot orgYesNoYes
Diane Cartercarterd at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
Nancy Swiderswidern at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
Laura Norrisnorrisla at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
Michael Gillenmlgillen AT sfasu DOT eduYesYesMaybe
Joe Strahlstrahljl AT sfasu DOT eduYesYesMaybe
Mark Andrewsmja30807 AT creightonYesYesNo
Jen Wrightwrightj at freelibrary dot orgYesYesMaybe
David Lacydavid DOT lacy AT villanova DOT eduYesYesMaybe
Michael Foightmichael.foight@villanova.edu YesMaybe No
David Uspaldavid.uspal@villanova.edu YesYesYes
Gabriel Farrellgsf24 at drexel.eduYesYesNo
Peter Ivanickpdi23 at drexel.eduYesYesNo
Jeffrey Barnettjeffrey.barnett AT yaleYesYesNo

Remote Attendees

NameContact InfoAttending 9/15Attending 9/16Interested in Pre/Post Conference
Sally Gibsonsallygibson@creighton.eduYesYesMaybe
Jeffrey Heardcataloger2k@gmail.comYesYesMaybe
Larry Hansardhansard@gatech.eduYesYesMaybe
Jennifer O'Donnelljennifer.s.odonnell@gmail.comMaybeMaybeMaybe
Sarah Kahnsarah@nclive.orgYesYesMaybe
Jon Legreejon AT ylpl DOT lib DOT ca DOT usYesYesYes
Dennis Oggdennis DOT ogg AT colostate DOT eduYes Yes Maybe
Bob Trotterrwt@mail.libs.uga.eduYesYesMaybe
Ya'aqov Ziso yaaqovz@gmail.commaybemaybemaybe
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