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Registered Service Provider: effective WEBWORK

Website: https://www.effective-webwork.de/
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Services Provided: Consultancy, Hosting, Installation & configuration, Customization, Development, Training, Translation
Sectors/Customers Served: Academic, Public, Government, Corporate
Regions/Languages Supported: Services available in English or German; no regional restrictions (unless on-site service is required)
Registered Service Provider Since: 2022
History/Community Contributions: We have been providing VuFind® services since 2015. We are supporting various German VuFind® consortia, such as finc, hebis, Qcovery and most recently KOBV, as well as indivdidual libraries. Our installations are often based on freely availably bibliographic indexes such as K10plus Central, but we also create individual indexes working with ETL tools. Our work can be found at https://github.com/effective-webwork. We regularly participate in the German VuFind® community, having hosted the „Anwendertreffen“ in 2017.
Description: effective WEBWORK has been serving the VuFind®-community since 2015. We support academic, public, and special libraries in implementing and customizing VuFind® and system integration, hosting and support. We take special pride in our consultancy services which aim at helping libraries with the definition of strategic goals for their discovery systems as well as the training and enabling of library staff. Our team consists of skilled software developers, a frontend designer and a librarian.
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