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Registered Service Provider: Marmot Library Network, Inc.

Website: https://marmot.org
Location: United States
Services Provided: Hosting, Installation & configuration, Customization
Sectors/Customers Served: Academic
Regions/Languages Supported: Marmot primarily serves the libraries of Colorado, though we would be open on a limited basis to providing hosting services for libraries in other states in our region.
Registered Service Provider Since: 2023
History/Community Contributions: Marmot has been involved with the project for twelve years. Marmot initially contributed development back to VuFind®, until the use cases Marmot was trying to fulfill led to the creation of the Pika fork.
Description: Marmot Library Network is a non-profit consortium of academic, public, and school libraries. Founded in 1985, Marmot libraries collaborate to share an ILS, union catalog, discovery layer, and digital archive, along with network and computer workstation management services. Marmot is the sole developer of the open-source Pika Discovery software. A fork of VuFind®, Pika is tailored for public library needs by providing a first-of-its-kind grouping algorithm that groups various formats of like works.
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