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Registered Service Provider: Orex Digital

Website: http://www.orex.es
Location: Spain
Services Provided: Consultancy, Hosting, Installation & configuration, Customization, Development, Integrations, Training, Translation
Sectors/Customers Served: Academic, Public, Government, Corporate
Regions/Languages Supported: We offer services in Spain and any other Spanish speaking countries.
Registered Service Provider Since: 2022
History/Community Contributions: We have been working supporting VuFind® since 2013, we have translated VuFind® into Catalan and Galician and contribute to documentation development.
Description: Orex Digital offers services to libraries in Spain and Latin America in order to deploy Koha ILS, Omeka, VuFind® and bigdata services; our services include but are not limited to: implementation, maintenance, support, developments, and deployment both on-site and on cloud.
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