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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Newsletter: November, 2019

Highlights / Executive Summary

November was a very productive month for the VuFind project, seeing work completed on all of the remaining outstanding features slated for release 6.1 as well as the incorporation of several unanticipated but useful fixes and enhancements. Demian will now switch gears to obtaining translations to ensure that everything is ready for an early 2020 release; after that, work on 7.0 can begin in earnest.

The most significant completed feature is the “Selective Dissemination of Information” feature, which can be turned on to allow users to subscribe to searches in order to receive email alerts of new results. Also of note is the improvement of the new filter user interface introduced in 6.0 – it now behaves consistently throughout VuFind, instead of having different behavior inside and outside of search results pages. Also noteworthy are ongoing improvements to Alma integration, a new language translation (Hindi), and integration with the Unpaywall API. See below for all the details!

Also note that the video recorded during last month's Community Call has been posted at the new Videos page; this will continue to expand with each passing month!

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Added Hindi translation: #1485
  • Added “Integrating Resource” support to MarcAdvancedTrait::getBibliographicLevel(): #1490
  • Alma ILS driver improvements: #1481, #1492, #1498, #1501, #1502, #1509
  • Alma OpenURL resolver improvements: #1510
  • Bug fix for author autocomplete sometimes displaying non-matching names (turned out to be a minor configuration issue): VUFIND-1250
  • Deprecate Params::getFilters in preference to Params::getRawFilters, to clarify code: #1489
  • DOI linking support for EDS records: #1493
  • Feedback form improvement: #1484
  • Filter interface bug fixes and improvements (users can now edit and reset their filters from any screen, not just from search results; additionally, some problems with inconsistent displays have been resolved): #1482, #1499, #1500, VUFIND-1353
  • Improve extensibility of email authenticator: #1513
  • Improvements to item status display logic: #1466
  • Installation support request closed due to inactivity: VUFIND-1310
  • Make hierarchy logic compatible with additional search backends: #1478
  • Minor language file/template corrections: #1483, #1505
  • New command-line options for sitemap generator: #1508
  • Performance improvements to record collection creation: #1488
  • Prevent maintenance mode from affecting CLI tools: #1504
  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI): #1440 / VUFIND-1309
  • Smarter handling of deleted records in OAI server: #1496
  • Unpaywall DOI linking support: #1491 / VUFIND-1322
  • Updated profiling support (useful for developers): #1487

This ticket was closed as “won't fix” due to long inactivity, the existence of other solutions, and apparent lack of interest:

  • Add config.ini setting to suppress display of record summaries: VUFIND-684

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add Content Security Policy support: #1494
  • Add Print button to record view: #1507 / VUFIND-282
  • Alma ILS driver improvements: #1511, #1514
  • FOLIO ILS Driver course reserves support: #1503
  • Hierarchy CSS display fix: #1495
  • Improve efficiency of sitemap generator (and related search system components): #1486
  • Improve design of session handlers: #1506 / VUFIND-1355
  • Javascript dependency updates (jQuery and grunt-sass): #1497, #1512

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • IMPROVEMENT: Add “Cite This” option to search results (in addition to record view): VUFIND-1371
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better advanced search tab behavior when using multiple search backends: VUFIND-1370
  • IMPROVEMENT: Expose more facet data through the API: VUFIND-1373
  • IMPROVEMENT: Investigate elimination of need for import.properties configuration file for SolrMarc: VUFIND-1372
  • IMPROVEMENT: Tool to purge old deleted rows from change_tracker table: VUFIND-1374

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month; some activity was due to Demian reviewing old inactive JIRA tickets in an attempt to clean things up:

  • ArchivesSpace integration: #1469 - there has been some discussion about MARC vs. EAD import procedures.
  • HathiTrust record preview tab: VUFIND-1329 - there has been discussion about expanding the scope of this ticket to add additional preview tabs when available.
  • Horizon driver date handling bug: VUFIND-1166 - this ILS driver bug fix has been marked as our most critical issue in JIRA for several years, but nobody has fixed it; it has been downgraded in severity, but if there are still Horizon users out there, please comment on the ticket so it can move forward.
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