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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Newsletter: June, 2020

Highlights / Executive Summary

June was another very busy month for the VuFind project, with a focus on updating translations and finishing up existing pull requests in preparation for the 7.0 release on July 20. Major completed projects include substantial accessibility updates, a more flexible CAPTCHA system, Content Security Policy support, and a new-and-improved KohaRest ILS driver. Significant changes include a new default port number for VuFind's Solr instance (the standard Solr 8983, instead of the often-conflicting 8080), the removal of Amazon content support (due to deprecated libraries and lack of interest), and the migration of the Zend-based ZfcRbac authorization library to the equivalent Laminas-based LmcRbacMvc.

A few items originally slated for VuFind 7 have been rescheduled for VuFind 8 due to insufficient progress: refactoring of the AlphaBrowse Java code did not occur due to other obligations at the University of Chicago, and the Solr 8 upgrade could not proceed due to delays with the SolrMarc project.

A handful of VuFind 7 changes are still in progress, and should be completed during the early days of July.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add content security policy support: #1494
  • Add highlighting support to Primo, plus minor fixes: #1653
  • Add support for Markdown extensions: #1635
  • Alternatives to ReCaptcha: VUFIND-1379 / #1574, #1652
  • Apply is_holdable setting more consistently: VUFIND-1404 / #1637
  • Bug fix: change recordtype field to record_format in ojs-multirecord.xsl: #1633
  • Bug fix: update Bootstrap accessibility plugin for compatibility with recent jQuery upgrade: #1647
  • Change default Solr port from 8080 to 8983: VUFIND-1340 / #1632
  • Clean up deprecations from 6.x: VUFIND-1323 / #1631
  • EDS: Add COinS support: VUFIND-1401
  • EDS: Allow item displays to be filtered by group or label: #1654
  • EDS: Bug fix: timeout values were not applied correctly: VUFIND-1402
  • EDS: Configurable HTTP method for search calls: #1627
  • EDS: Work around intermittent API errors: VUFIND-1405 / #1641
  • EDS: Workaround for lack of direct deep paging: #1634
  • Explicitly specify log4j config file: #1480
  • Fix quoted booleans in .ini files: VUFIND-1398 / #1628
  • Fix typo in doc comment: #1655
  • FOLIO driver: allow location-based hold restriction: #1638
  • FOLIO driver: better formatting of account expiration date: #1643
  • FOLIO driver: improved holds functionality (including cancel holds support): VUFIND-1390 / #1613, #1630
  • FOLIO driver: support paginated API responses: #1636
  • Improvements to unit tests: #1646
  • Make BrowZine DOI behavior more configurable with filters: #1625
  • Make display order of browse options configurable: VUFIND-1397 / #1629
  • Migrate ZfcRbac to LmcRbacMvc: VUFIND-1380 / #1657
  • New ILS driver: KohaRest (supporting Koha 20.05+ with the REST API plugin): #1016, #1650, #1656
  • Prevent notice in Aleph driver: #1649
  • Refactor Javascript to eliminate event attributes: #1639
  • Remove Amazon content functionality: VUFIND-1284 / #1642
  • SCSS PHP compiler: #1538
  • Translation updates (Brazilian Portuguese, Czech): #1640, #1644, #1648
  • Web accessibility improvements: #1609 (incorporating fixes from four earlier pull requests)

Additionally, VUFIND-1356, the ticket dealing with improving the format of the Community Call, has been marked as resolved since the new format seems to be working well. Of course, further feedback and suggestions will always be welcomed.

VUFIND-1386, the reminder to backport certain accessibility-related translations to the release-5.1/release-6.1 branches, has been closed, as this work is now significantly underway, and Demian will remember to continue to backport translations as they arrive.

Pull request #1651 appears to have been opened by accident and was immediately closed.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Allow tagging of records at the list level: #1645

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Refactor and test HierarchicalFacetListener: VUFIND-1403
  • Report forwarded IP addresses in exception log messages: VUFIND-1400
  • Visibility glitch on .collapse classes: VUFIND-1406

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

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