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VuFind Newsletter: September, 2020

Highlights / Executive Summary

September was another busy month for VuFind development, with a large number of issues both opened and resolved. Much of the work revolved around updates and bug fixes, but some new features include the ability to tag favorites lists (in addition to the resources within those lists), improved lightbox keyboard accessibility, and new options for displaying covers of unavailable items. Significant work has also been done on the new record versions feature, slated for inclusion in release 7.1.

The month culminated in the International VuFind Summit 2020, which had ten featured speakers (plus lightning talks) and more than 100 attendees. Slides from the event are already available at the Summit wiki page and video will be posted as editing is completed. The results of the roadmapping session will also be discussed on a near-future Community Call.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add permission support to combined search results: VUFIND-1421 / #1707
  • Add requirements to ImageFactoryTest: #1731
  • Add XCNCIP2 ILS driver tests (and improve code): #1672
  • Allow tagging of records at the list level; use list-level tags in ListItems channel: #1645
  • Alma: Clean up error messages and always use logger: #1723
  • Asset pipeline and Content Security Policy compatibility fixes: VUFIND-1431 / #1717 / #1719
  • Bug: AJAX facet calls must support all UrlQueryHelper features: #1729
  • Bug: Cache causes wrong behavior on advanced search screen: VUFIND-1433
  • Bug: Feedback forms do not include sender name in reply-to field: VUFIND-1419
  • Bug: IDs containing quotes break AJAX cover loading: VUFIND-1428
  • Delete email authentication token only after initial checks: #1701
  • Evergreen ILS driver: suppress status/holdings display for deleted items #1728
  • Feedback Forms: allow extending Form class: #1724
  • Fix advanced search multi-select clearing: VUFIND-1425 / #1713 / #1718 / #1720
  • Fix double colon in MARC links: #1725
  • Fix markdown factory not getting config from markdown.ini: #1734
  • Fix replaceTerm() word boundary / normalization bugs: VUFIND-1423 / #1712
  • Fix return value of getFilterStringParts when the string isn't properly formatted: #1721
  • FOLIO driver: Modify notes field and add item_notes, issues, supplements and indexes: #1708
  • FOLIO driver: more robust support of discoverySuppress attribute #1698
  • Handle null response from Solr properly: #1733
  • KohaRest driver fixes/improvements: #1700, #1702, #1703, #1704, #1705, #1706, #1710
  • Lightbox keyboard support / improved accessibility: #1667
  • MultiBackend ILS driver prefix handling inconsistencies: VUFIND-1422 / #1711
  • Multiple values for forwarded_ip_filter setting cause error: VUFIND-1424
  • OAI-PMH server: resumption tokens not generated correctly for multiple pages of deleted records: VUFIND-1429
  • Optionally allow rendering of a custom template for unavailable covers: #1679
  • Reduce EDS API calls by caching data required for Search Options: #1688
  • SierraRest ILS driver: Fix a couple of holdings retrieval issues: #1726
  • SierraRest ILS driver: Refactor authorization grant requesting: #1658
  • Take a screenshot on integrated test failure: #1562
  • Upgrade to League/CommonMark 1.5 and support new features: #1699, #1716
  • Upgrade YAML library to version 4: #1696
  • Write Mink tests to cover user list tagging functionality: VUFIND-1416 / #1697

Additionally, pull request #1521 was closed without being merged since the solution it provided to the problem it described was not fully-formed, and there is not an immediate need to flesh it out further. The issues raised there have been captured in JIRA tickets VUFIND-1426 and VUFIND-1427 described below.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Fix mismatched slot names: #1722
  • KohaRest: Allow mapping of different NotForLoan statuses separately: #1730
  • makeLink view helper: #1695
  • More XCNXIP2 ILS driver improvements: #1715
  • Refactor query normalization: #1714
  • Remove laminas/laminas-dependency-plugin: #1732
  • Replace Linkify with URL highlight: #1709
  • Use GET instead of POST for limit control: #1727

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Admin module: “Index Maintenance” section: VUFIND-1420
  • Allow configuration of reserves core name: VUFIND-1417
  • Change UrlQueryHelper::setDefaultParameter override default to false: VUFIND-1434
  • Create mechanism for running extra SQL in web-based installer: VUFIND-1435
  • KohaILSDI driver: fines problem: VUFIND-1418
  • Make plugin generator smarter about nested directories: VUFIND-1430
  • Provide user access to their tagged records outside of lists: VUFIND-1427
  • Rename VuFind\Db\Table\Tags::getForUser: VUFIND-1426

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add support for record “versions” display: VUFIND-120 / #1581
  • Configurable Autocomplete: VUFIND-1362
  • Move JS translations from layout to separate file: #1691
  • ShibbolethWAYF support: #1617
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