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VuFind® Newsletter: November, 2021

Highlights / Executive Summary

In November, the 2021 Virtual VuFind Summit was held, and several tickets were added and updated based on the Summit's roadmapping session. All slides from the Summit have been posted on the event's wiki page, along with a link to video recordings (which, as of this writing, are still in the process of being added).

Further progress was made on VuFind's video editing backlog, with full video posted from the 2019 VuFind Summit, and all outstanding video tutorials completed (bringing the total to 21 tutorials).

This month also saw the release of VuFind 8.0.2, another minor bug fix release that patches a handful of issues discovered since the release of 8.0.1.

The month's code changes include more bug fixes/improvements, the completion of the Armenian translation, various ILS driver improvements, and the introduction of a new admin-oriented API for cache clearing. A development branch for VuFind 9.0 has been established so that work on the next major release can begin in parallel with feature enhancements for VuFind 8.1.

The Project Management Committee has opened a survey about Discovery Platform Use, intended to help understand community needs/preferences and prioritize future work. Please take a few minutes to participate if you have not already.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add admin API with a cache flush action: VUFIND-1365 / #2219
  • Add Armenian translation: #2166, #2167, #2168, #2187, #2205, #2207, #2208, #2209, #2210, #2211, #2212, #2213, #2214, #2215
  • Aleph ILS driver: fine-related fixes and improvements: #2199, #2202
  • Add option for icon placement in truncate: #2190
  • Add support for 'extra' search parameter in Params object: VUFIND-1364 / #2198
  • Display info if no pickup locations are available: #2035
  • Do not move MARC files to processed if ingest fails: #2175
  • Escape facets in facets.js: #2193, #2200
  • Fix bug: Hierarchical facets do not display correctly in right-to-left mode: VUFIND-1504 / #2151
  • Fix truncate default labels: #2192
  • Improve addition of non-tab record routes in RouteGenerator: VUFIND-1495 / #2172, #2216
  • Improvements to the Evergreen ILS driver: VUFIND-1476 / #2203
  • Make Csrf an interface for better customizability: #2201
  • Make lightbox loading spinner nicer: #2197
  • Method validateIds in AbstractRequestBase: #2206
  • Move currency formatting to a separate class from SafeMoneyFormat: #2217
  • Move print dialog triggering code to separate file: #2143
  • OJS indexing: add subject to topic and topic-facet fields: #2204
  • Page enhancements: Comparing Languages Against English: VUFIND-1453 / #1755
  • Remove stray span closing tag: #2191
  • Return appropriate errorlevels from import .bat files: #2189
  • Wrong getMyHolds() return key in wiki's ILS driver API doc: VUFIND-1513
  • XCNCIP2 ILS driver: Add place request message translations: #2195
  • XCNCIP2 ILS driver: Fix handling of response cache: #2194

Additionally, the JIRA ticket VUFIND-1358 (Improve Documentation) has been closed since significant progress has been made since it was opened, and because it is too broad and non-specific as written. More specific tickets about needed documentation improvements are always welcome.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add firstname as usable parameter when building notification emails: #2221
  • Add ThemeConfig view helper: #2218
  • Show last issue date for patron: #2188
  • Translate message for user in MultiBackend driver: #2196
  • XCNCIP2: Request all pages of LookupItemSet: #2220

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Add id validation to ILL requests and storage retrieval requests: VUFIND-1521
  • Add support for additional options when placing hold requests: VUFIND-1519
  • Allow custom fields in user profile (from ILS driver): VUFIND-1515
  • Allow user to edit profile fields from ILS driver (when supported): VUFIND-1516
  • Fine/fee payment support: VUFIND-1518
  • Modernize front end build environment: VUFIND-1514
  • Unit tests use real configuration: VUFIND-1522
  • Wikidata integration: VUFIND-1517

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • DAIA driver: configurable services: #2060
  • ILS driver interface cleanup: VUFIND-1280
  • JS helper for VuFind: #2170
  • makeLink view helper: #1695
  • Revert encodeURIComponent from hierarchical facets: #2200
  • Solr JSON Facet API: VUFIND-1210
  • Update/expand support for MARC linking fields: VUFIND-1448
  • Update league/commonmark to 2.0: #2048
  • Use popularity metrics when ranking search results: VUFIND-124, VUFIND-1520
  • Utilize Icon Helper: #1962
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