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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Real-Time ILS Integration

VuFind can communicate with many commercial and open source Integrated Library Systems to provide real-time availability status and patron features.

Configuring Your ILS

Setting up an ILS can be as simple as editing the [Catalog] section of your config.ini file and selecting the appropriate driver. Most drivers have their own additional configuration file (i.e. Voyager.ini) that will also need to be set up. Some drivers may also require you to install additional PHP extensions to communicate with specific ILS databases.

We have provided some ILS Configuration Examples to help demonstrate some more advanced approaches to setting up the VuFind/ILS connection.

Details on Specific Features

Troubleshooting Your ILS

See the ILS Driver Troubleshooting page for basic tips. If necessary, you may also want to consult with one of the experts on the ILS Support List or try the mailing lists on the Support Page.

Building Your Own Driver

If your ILS is not already supported by VuFind, the developer manual offers details on how to make it compatible. For more details on how drivers work, see the ILS Driver page.

Driver-Specific Documentation

  • Alma - Some extra configuration may be needed to make the most of Ex Libris Alma.
  • FOLIO - Important details on setting up FOLIO.
  • Composed Driver - For combining functionality from multiple drivers to represent a single ILS.
  • Multibackend Driver - For integrating multiple ILSes with a single VuFind instance.
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