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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Admin API

This API was introduced in release 9.0.

Currently the admin API contains only an endpoint for clearing caches.

If the caller has the required permission, the API endpoints are listed in the Swagger UI at /vufind/api (e.g. http://localhost/vufind/api). Swagger UI can be used to view the API specification and to actually try it out. The actual Swagger specification is at /vufind/api?swagger.

Permissions Required

This endpoint requires the “access.api.admin.cache” permission.


Access the Swagger UI: http://localhost/vufind/api

Retrieve the Swagger specification: http://localhost/vufind/api?swagger

Clear default caches using curl:

curl -X delete 'http://localhost/vufind2/api/v1/admin/cache'

Clear cover cache using curl:

curl -X delete 'http://localhost/vufind2/api/v1/admin/cache?id[]=cover'
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