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VuFind APIs

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The APIs documented on these pages are available on /api endpoint of the VuFind installation (e.g. http://localhost/vufind/api). There is a Swagger UI available for documentation and testing of the APIs on that endpoint. Each API requires proper permissions, so by default the APIs are not available to any user. The only practical way of granting the permissions at the moment is by IP address, such as:

; Search and Record API permissions.
permission[] = access.api.Search
permission[] = access.api.Record
require = ANY
ipRange[] = ''
ipRange[] = '::1'

The above would allow access only from localhost. All APIs support CORS with no origin limits and return data in JSON format.

Swagger UI and Specification

There is a Swagger UI available with in-depth documentation on the /api endpoint, e.g. http://localhost/vufind/api. You can also access the Swagger specification directly at http://localhost/vufind/api?swagger.

The Swagger UI is driven by the specification, but it can also be used to create a client library for many programming languages. See http://swagger.io/swagger-codegen/ and http://petstore.swagger.io/ for more information and tools to do the job.

Available APIs

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