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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Session Handlers

This page refers to VuFind 2.x and newer; for 1.x session support, see Creating a Session Handler.

VuFind currently has the capability of supporting sessions stored on disk, in a database or in MemCache. You can also create your own handlers.

Key Plugin Details

Default Namespace: \VuFind\Session

Base Class: \VuFind\Session\AbstractBase

Interface: \VuFind\Session\HandlerInterface (introduced in VuFind 5.0)

Service Locator Configuration Section in module.config.php: ['vufind']['plugin_managers']['session']

Service Manager Name for Service Locator: VuFind\SessionPluginManager (VuFind 2.x-4.x), VuFind\Session\PluginManager (VuFind 5.0+)

See the General Plugin Information page for more details on VuFind plugins.


  • Although you could implement the \Laminas\Session\SaveHandler\SaveHandlerInterface instead of extending \VuFind\Session\AbstractBase, it is recommended that you extend the base class since it includes some standard cleanup functionality that all handlers should use.
  • For more details on sessions, see the PHP Documentation.
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