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Virtual VuFind Summit 2020

Call for Papers

For more than a decade, the VuFind Community has been building the most flexible and feature-rich open source discovery system for libraries all over the world. While having our center at Falvey Memorial Library (Villanova University, Philadelphia) the community is international and many activities take place in national and local communities. In this year’s Virtual VuFind Summit we want to bring together the international community despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions in traveling and social distancing - not to mention the health risks - in order to share our knowledge both within the community and with interested librarians and other potential new adopters.

Therefore we call for participation at the Virtual VuFind Summit 2020, taking place from 29 September until 1 October 2020 - having the maintracks take place from 01:00 pm UTC until 04:00 pm UTC.

We extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the survey we made on the needs of the community regarding organization and content. The results gave us a lot of insights on what topics should be covered. To give potential speakers an overview of the topics that are most in demand by the community, we decided to include graphs of the results below.

Please note that it is not intended to limit the contribution to the most demanded topics - we are welcoming any and all contributions! The intention is rather to inform and thus encourage additional contributions that cover one or more of the most popular topics.

While we hope to offer a rich program of structured talks on the topics highlighted above (and more), we also welcome alternative and creative contributions for interactive training sessions, conversations about the concerns of particular regions (including opportunities for sessions in languages other than English), and social events that could help expand participation and engagement and bring the community closer together in spite of being physically distant.

Let us turn this into a summit for our entire worldwide community, and make it a launching point for new ideas and new collaborations!

Accepted formats for the summit

  • Talks – 20 minutes with additional 10 minutes q&a (in English language, please let us know if you have time preferences).
  • Lightning Talks – registration will be provided at the summit (in English language).
  • Training - hands-on session on specific practical topics of variable length (in English language, please let us know if you have time preferences).
  • Custom – any other contribution which opens space for participation and engagement (any language, any time).

Deadline / Submission Details

Please submit your applications for talks or any other contribution through the online submission form before 31 August 12 pm UTC+2.

Topic Ideas from Survey Results

Topics for talks and workshops: VuFind Development Tools / Best Practices (e.g. IDEs, git); Technical "Deep Dives" (e.g. structure of/extending VuFind code, ILS driver, VuFInd 7, Search module); Briefings on Noteworthy VuFind Instances; Project Management and Sustainability (e.g. VuFind as SaaS); Basic Introductory Talks (e.g. VuFind vs. OPAC, feature overview, Configuration basics, installation); DevOps (e.g. multi-tenant setup, release management, maintenance/upgrading local instances); Other (e.g. usability).

Topics for trainings: In-depth look at VuFind configuration (e.g. plugins, modules/dependencies); overview of technology used by VuFind (e.g. Solr, Laminas, grunt/LESS); Introduction to the VuFind code-generator; Introduction to unit and/or integration testing; considerations regarding accessibility; In-depth discussion of specific aspects of VuFind's architecture; Other.

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