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PMC Meeting: July 11, 2022

Attending: Oliver Goldschmidt, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, André Lahmann, Jan Maas, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Raj Pradhan

Apologies: Ere Maijala, Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • ALL: review/comment on 8.1 pull requests as time permits. DONE
  • ALL: reply to Craig's RSP form draft with feedback, if you have any beyond what is captured in minutes here. DONE
  • Demian: draft VuFind Summit schedule; contact presenters; share results with PMC. DONE
  • Demian: announce (and implement) creation of release-8.1 branch / dev-9.0 merge. DONE
  • Demian: create wiki page for RSP Agreement; link from GitHub and other appropriate wiki pages; start work on benefits table. DONE
  • Demian/Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages. ONGOING
  • Demian: add Dokuwiki plugins / Community Call revisions to next agenda. DONE

2. WOLFcon / VuFind Summit 2022

Demian has drafted a schedule for a two-day Summit, has set up the Zoom sessions, and has opened registration.

We should continue to follow up with WOLFcon to learn about 2023 plans, so we can make an announcement at the end of the Summit.

3. Documentation

Demian has shared the latest quarterly web analytics with the group, in case they reveal any useful patterns. (He has not had time to analyze them himself).

Susan Turkel, a member of Demian's team at Villanova, has thoroughly reviewed the Installations List and has brought it up to date. If your instance is on the list, please review it for accuracy (since some details cannot be fully verified by examination from the outside).

Demian also spent some time researching Dokuwiki plugins to help with page management. He suggested that perhaps the struct structured data plug-in could be used to create a “page owner” field, which could be used to assign maintainers to pages, and to allow maintainers to review their list of assigned pages. He volunteered to test this out.

Demian was not able to easily find a plugin for displaying a warning on older pages, so he asked about it in a forum post and received a suggestion to use custom JS to do the job. Chris will attempt to implement this.

Demian noted that a new release candidate of Dokuwiki was just released, so it seems very likely that the full release will be available in time for the PHP 7 end of life – good news for the sustainability of the current wiki.

Demian has finished pull request #2467, which has been merged, allowing the InTech Open page to be updated.

Remaining content assignments:

  • Mohan: review/edit/update MeSH, DoAJ and PubMed Central pages; add NepJol page.

4. OLF Update

The vufind.org email domain is now fully functional. Some questions discussed. We can set up custom vufind.org email addresses as needed. Do we want an address for pmc? What about for code of conduct? Anything else? Does anyone else want to receive forwarded messages from info@vufind.org?

André asked about traffic levels at info@vufind.org – currently very low is it has not been advertised yet.

Leila asked about how difficult it is to change forwarding; Demian explained that it's based in Gmail, so fairly straightforward (though we would need to coordinate credential sharing if there's a change in responsibility; Demian can do it for now).

After discussion: Demian will set up info@vufind.org to forward to entire PMC, rather than create overhead by making multiple addresses. If traffic becomes too high, we can revisit/split addresses.

5. Release Planning

Nearly all translations have come in, and the only remaining open PR (#2400) has been deferred to 9.0 (since it is non-critical and might cause problems if we do not have time to test it sufficiently). Demian will package the new release later this week, and it is expected to go out on schedule.

Next month, we should start to discuss 9.0 scheduling.

6. Registered Service Provider Agreement

Demian has created an RSP wiki page and has linked it from the membership levels and benefits page. He decided not to set up further links until we have had time to discuss and make progress on outstanding issues.

He has also installed the bureaucracy plugin to allow forms, and Craig has begun work on the application form.

Next steps:

  • Craig will finish designing form (checkbox conversion, add CAPTCHA) and will share CSS updates with Chris.
  • Link to RSP agreement from support page and GitHub.
  • Leila will work on drafting the RSP logo.
  • Once submission form is ready, link it to main RSP page, then reach out to existing VuFind vendors to gauge interest and solicit feedback (this may also be a good time to discuss trademark compliance, which has been on the “future issues” list for a while). Demian will write a draft and share with PMC.
  • We will use info@vufind.org for RSP communication for now (as per earlier discussion)

7. Community Call Restructuring/Marketing

Should we run a new survey about the content/timing of the Community Call?

Demian volunteered to draft a possible survey. Leila volunteered to help with implementation.

8. Possible Future Actions

Some other possible items for the future:

  • Develop a fundraising communication plan - after completion of Registered Service Provider work
  • Develop a documentation maintenance plan
  • “Good first issue” highlighting
  • Outreach to forks for new feature contributions
  • Marketing project (better VuFind definition, website improvements, etc.)
  • Publication / presentation efforts related to PMC and sustainability

Other Items

None this time.

Action Items

  • Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages.
  • Demian: set up struct plugin in Dokuwiki to allow page ownership mechanism.
  • Demian: set up info@vufind.org email to forward to the PMC.
  • Chris: Implement a page age warning in Dokuwiki using Javascript.
  • Craig: finish designing RSP form (checkbox conversion, add CAPTCHA) and share CSS updates with Chris.
  • Leila: draft an RSP logo
  • Demian: draft an email to share with current VuFind service providers
  • Demian: draft a Community Call survey
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