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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Exporting Records from Koha

Thanks to Mohan Pradhan and Mariyapillai Jayakananthan for developing this documentation.

Before you can load records into VuFind, you must first extract them from Koha.

To retrieve records from Koha, there are two possible approaches:

  • I. Use the OAI-PMH protocol
  • II. Manually export the MARC data from Koha

Each approach is described in a section below; you can choose one or the other but do not need to do both. Option I (OAI-PMH) is recommended, as it makes automatic, incremental updating much easier.

Option I: OAI-PMH Configuration in Koha

In Koha, OAI-PMH should be enabled by visiting Home/Administration/Systems preference/Web services. Be sure that the OAI-PMH, OAI-PMH:AutoUpdateSets and OAI-PMH:AutoUpdateSetsEmbedItemData preferences are all set to “Enabled.”

Koha's OAI-PMH Configuration Screen

You can check whether the service is enabled by visiting {Koha OPAC URL}/cgi-bin/koha/oai.pl?verb=Identify in your web browser. If the service is turned on, you should see something similar to this:

Koha OAI-PMH Identify Results

Before harvesting data from Koha to VuFind, you should click the Records button then click metadata[format marc21], and you should see something similar to the following:

Koha OAI-PMH Records

Option II: Manually Exporting MARC Data from Koha

  1. Log in to Koha.
  2. Go to Home > Tools > Export data
  3. Fill in the form: Koha export form
  4. Click “Export bibliographic records”
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