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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Search API

This API was introduced in release 4.0.

The search API can be used to search the biblio index. The API uses the same URL syntax as the normal basic search in the VuFind UI, so that it's easy to move the same search between the API and the UI.

A swagger UI for the API is available at /vufind/api (e.g. http://localhost/vufind/api). It can be used to view the API specification and to actually try it out. The actual Swagger specification is at /vufind/api?swagger.

Record fields available throught the endpoints are defined in SearchApiRecordFields.yaml configuration file. This file is also used for building the Swagger specification. Additional details come from theme templates templates/api/swagger.phtml and templates/searchapi/swagger.phtml.

Permissions Required

This endpoint requires the “access.api.Search” permission.


Access the Swagger UI: http://localhost/vufind/api

Retrieve the Swagger specification: http://localhost/vufind/api?swagger

A simple search for 'falvey': http://localhost/vufind/api/v1/search?lookfor=falvey

Format facet for all records: http://localhost/vufind/api/v1/search?lookfor=&facet[]=format

Records with 'Sibelius' as the author: http://localhost/vufind/api/v1/search?lookfor=sibelius&type=Author

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