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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Newsletter: May, 2021

Highlights / Executive Summary

May was another very active month for VuFind development, with around thirty pull requests resolved. Highlights include more work on improving PHP 8 compatibility, support for a new cover image provider (Orb), a variety of improvements to ILS drivers, and various bug fixes and architectural improvements. Work was also begun on making VuFind's internal search service more flexible and easier to understand by applying the Command Pattern.

The Project Management Committee met to continue discussions about membership levels and benefits, sustainability, and WOLFcon planning (see PMC Meeting Minutes: May 10, 2021 for details).

Several VuFind-related panels will take place at this year's free, virtual WOLFcon, to be held June 1-3.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add a new cover image provider: Orb: #1948, #1949
  • Add getBuildings() method to retrieve building field: #1941
  • Add HoldsController for holds-related functionality: #1961
  • Add ID to MARC subject heading data: #1947
  • Add \Memcached support to Memcache session handler: VUFIND-1464 / #1945
  • Add patron to getCancelHoldDetails. Use in MultiBackend: #1960
  • Add Solr-based reserves support to Demo driver: #1958
  • Add test for public list functionality: #1939
  • Allow use of non-cursorMark-based hierarchy generation: #1935
  • Alma: Return pickup location fields as strings: #1944
  • Deprecate PHP-based LESS compiler: #1925
  • Do not code various non-Book formats as Book: #1921
  • Display an error flash message if canceling of any of the holds fails: #1966
  • Enable overriding variables from bootstrap accessibility plugin: #1933
  • Fix bug in loading custom notification schedule config: #1957
  • Fix spinners to actually spin in request screens: #1953
  • Fix Stamen tile URLs for SSL compatibility: #1950
  • Improve the comment in KohaRest.ini regarding 401 errors: #1936
  • KohaRest: Trim fine description before comparing with translation: #1964
  • Make MultiBackend driver work better with the Demo driver: #1965
  • More flexible Solr update support: #1952
  • Patch chrome-mink-driver 2.8.0 on install for PHP 8 compatibility: #1968
  • Tests: Replace deprecated setMethods() with onlyMethods(): #1942
  • Update dependencies (including many PHP 8 fixes): #1954
  • Update dev tools plus related dependencies/configs: #1940
  • Updated translations: #1938, #1955
  • Use GitHub Actions for CI tasks: #1946
  • Use window.location.href as fallback for form action: #1959

Additionally, pull request #1888 (MARC 880 Support) was closed, since it was superseded by pull request #1895, which was merged last month, and pull request #1469 (ArchivesSpace Support) was closed, since it was superseded by #1623 and is no longer needed.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add call number prefixes to templates: #1951
  • Add Matomo view helper for Matomo 4.x: #1943
  • Add support for hold start date and hold modification: #1956 / #1963
  • Enable split-on-whitespace in Solr: #1937
  • FOLIO: Add callnumber_prefix to the output of getHolding: #1934
  • Use Command Pattern in search system: VUFIND-924 / #1967

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Reduce direct calls to find/sed in build.xml: VUFIND-1478
  • Scheduled searches fail for cores without first_indexed field: VUFIND-1477

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add search backend QueryAnalysisInterface feature: #1886
  • Icon helper: #1926 / #1962
  • Improved accessibility for results / favorites lists: #1931
  • XCNCIP ILS driver agency and patron id handling improvement: #1835
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