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VuFind Newsletter: July, 2021

Highlights / Executive Summary

VuFind 7.1.1 was released on schedule at the beginning of the month. The rest of the month was devoted to preparing for VuFind 8.0. While a formal release date has not been set, progress was made on all outstanding issues, several pending improvements requiring backward-compatibility-breaking changes were completed, and the process of updating translations has begun. A major new feature of the 8.0 release, the CSV import tool, was also completed. Work on 8.0 development and planning will continue in August, and the announcement of a release date should be expected soon.

As has been the case for the past few months, ongoing improvements to ILS drivers as well as a handful of bug fixes were also contributed to the project in July.

In addition to supporting the VuFind 8.0 planning process, the Project Management Committee has continued to discuss project membership benefits and training programs and has also begun planning for the 2021 Virtual VuFind Summit, which will be held online from November 15-17. More details on that, including a call for papers, will also be coming soon.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Account for previous exceptions in ILS drivers: VUFIND-1436 / #2018
  • Add ability to set samesite parameter for session cookie: #2010
  • Add Matomo view helper for Matomo 4.x: #1943
  • Add new ShowFacetExcept configurable filter option: #2013
  • CSV import tool: #1761
  • Fix checking of metadata emptyness in cover router: #2030
  • Fix format and record-versions commas: #2002
  • FOLIO: Add callnumber_prefix to the output of getHolding: #1934
  • Improve Lucene bracket/brace handling: VUFIND-1490 / #2021
  • Improve Solr Connector HTTP client behavior: VUFIND-1466 / #2011
  • KohaILSDI: driver improvements: #2025
  • KohaILSDI: fix handling requiredBy date in placeHold: #2023
  • League/Commonmark update to 1.6.5: #2006
  • Make UserIpReader mandatory: VUFIND-1410 / #2009
  • Move record driver traits into Feature namespace: VUFIND-1455 / #2008
  • Normalize display texts for “Favorites” and “Saved Items”: #2020
  • Remove code deprecated in VuFind 7.x and earlier: VUFIND-1415 / #2014
  • Run all tests on all PHP versions; Pin Composer version: #2012
  • SierraRest: Don't try to fetch items when there are no checkouts: #2005
  • Simplify explicit calls to __invoke(): VUFIND-1456 / #2016
  • Translation updates: #2029, #2031
  • VuFind Browse Handler: Switch from Travis to GitHub Actions: vufind-browse-handler#35
  • XCNCIP2 ILS driver: Agency and patron id handling improvement: #1835
  • XCNCIP2 ILS driver: Fix handling location level: #2007
  • XCNCIP2 ILS driver: Make method getLookupItemRequest more flexible: #2024

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add contentinfo role & aria label for screen readers in feedback form: #2022
  • Aleph driver: record ID can contain bibliographic base even if only one base is configured: #2027
  • Aleph driver: support for administration identifier (adm_id) in getMyHolds: #2033
  • Change UrlQueryHelper::setDefaultParameter override default to false: VUFIND-1434 / #2015
  • DAIA driver: correct use of limitations: #2026
  • Focus to element after closing modal: #2032
  • MySQL 4-byte UTF-8 support: VUFIND-1007 / #2019
  • Normalize creator punctuation: VUFIND-1468 / #2028
  • Rename VuFind\Db\Table\Tags::getForUser: VUFIND-1426 / #2017

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Result counts in search tabs: VUFIND-1488
  • “See all” facet popup does not work in Firefox: VUFIND-1489 (possibly a local customization issue rather than a core VuFind bug)
  • Use a platform for translation management: VUFIND-1491

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Aleph driver: z304 mapping of address can be overriden for REST DLF API: #1994
  • Clean punctuation on MARC author names at index time: VUFIND-1468
  • Configurable truncation of subjects on full record display: #1791
  • Icon helper: #1926
  • Improved accessibility for results / favorites lists: #1931
  • Solr 8 upgrade: VUFIND-1339 / #1477
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