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VuFind® Newsletter: May, 2023

Highlights / Executive Summary

Following the release of VuFind® 9.0 in the previous month, May's development was split between fixing minor bugs found in the release and beginning work on 9.1. Noteworthy changes include raising the minimum PHP version requirement to 8.0 (since 7.x has hit end of life), adding support for purging historical loans (where supported by the ILS driver), and a number of updates to dependencies and development tools.

The Project Management Committee continued to work on issues of accessibility, documentation, internationalization, fundraising and Summit planning.

The 2023 VuFind® Summit will be held as part of WOLFcon 2023. The call for papers is currently open until June 5 and discounted early bird registration is available until June 18. We hope to see you in person in Chicago, but free online participation will also be possible for those unable to travel. Please join us!

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.0.2:

  • Bookplates: Fix a small configuration file typo: #2861
  • Check that key pattern is not empty before using it: #2892
  • Fix Admin module expiration to use correct date value: #2871, #2898
  • Fix comment about block_status: #2894
  • Fix JSON syntax error in composer.local.json.dist: #2863
  • Fix numbering of combined results: #2877, #2885
  • Fix OAI deleted handling PostgreSQL compatibility: VUFIND-1610 / #2872
  • Handle exceptions in Admin module ConfigController: #2869
  • Switch SolrMarc from log4j to reload4j: #2895
  • Translation fixes/improvements: #2853, #2855, #2864

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1:

  • Add aria labels for control elements: #2845
  • Add code coverage support to Mink tests: #2897, #2901, #2903, #2905
  • Add codes to MailExceptions and prevent unnecessary exceptions from being printed: #2906
  • Add debug logging of OAuth2 server exceptions: #2888
  • Add getAccountBlocks to PAIA: #2893
  • Add PHP 8.2 to the GitHub Actions matrix: #2881
  • Add support for purging loans from history: #2779, #2867, #2875
  • Add support for specifying fallback languages independently of default language: #2891
  • Allow back to search breadcrumb links to retain page/limit: #2873
  • Allow scripts to run via the Admin module: #2866
  • Dependency updates: #2880, #2882, #2899, #2907, #2909
  • Display a message in record view for cached records: #2886
  • Display custom hidden filters as a temporary search tab: #2908
  • Enable multiple favicons through configuration: #2862
  • Extra request details from search backend: #2900
  • Fix check for getUrlsForRecord to include the record id for MultiBackend support: #2858
  • Fix jQuery deprecations: #2876, #2890
  • Fix PHP 8.2 deprecations: #2879
  • FOLIO: Improve holdings display: #2904
  • Guard against unbalanced hierarchy fields: #2821
  • Improve npm script verbage: #2840
  • Improve scope of lessToSass; delete unused files: #2910
  • Improved semantic markup for navigation: #2762
  • Make Mink test for record rating more robust: #2896
  • More concise flash message code in Admin controllers: #2868
  • Raise version requirement to PHP 8: #2870, #2884
  • Remove deprecated CSP directive prefetch-src: #2854
  • Sierra: Add mapping of patron block codes to translatable strings: #2856
  • Update php-cs-fixer rules for PHP 8: #2889

The following pull requests were determined to be outdated/unnecessary and closed following discussion on the May 2, 2023 Community Call:

  • Add search backend QueryAnalysisInterface and GetSearchTermsCommand: #1886
  • Better support for Koha status “NOT FOR LOAN” in KohaILSDI driver: #1116

This JIRA ticket was resolved by release 9.0 and was subsequently closed (a little late):

  • Hunt doesn't always fire checkItemStatuses: VUFIND-1367

This pull request turned out to be unnecessary:

  • Fix login followup URL for off-site auth: #2865

Additionally, pull request #2859 was opened and closed as part of lokalise testing.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add header and h2 for title and author: #2852
  • Add LibGuidesAZ backend for Databases A-Z list: #2860
  • Add support for “uncertain” item availability status: #2857
  • Eliminate duplicate list object retrieval logic: #2887
  • Fix and clean up results scripts: #2878
  • FOLIO: Use shib_cql if Shib is used for login: VUFIND-1615 / #2902
  • Improve accessibility for checkboxes: #2874
  • Update dependencies for PHP 8: #2883

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Accessible local CAPTCHA option: VUFIND-1611
  • Double check for “PHP version 7” in file comments: VUFIND-1612
  • Modernize PubDateVisAjax recommendation module: VUFIND-1614
  • Update dependencies for release 9.1: VUFIND-1609
  • Update GitHub branch protection rules for release-* branches: VUFIND-1613

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add support for loading results with JS: #2804
  • Add support for WorldCat Search v2 API: #2612
  • Add UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) support: #2488
  • Ajax facets - fetch only requested facets from Solr: #2271
  • Display flash message on login: #1680
  • New SolrMarc plug-in for indexing MARC-based hierarchies: #2456
  • Replace Slick Carousel with accessible-slick: #2702
  • SetupThemeResources: Ensure 'Content-Type' is never escaped: #2763
  • Split asset pipeline functionality to separate classes: #2283
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