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VuFind® Newsletter: April, 2023

Highlights / Executive Summary

The major news for April was the release of VuFind® 9.0 (and, soon after, 9.0.1, to promptly address a bug in the upgrade process that might have inconvenienced some users). You can read the press release or watch the presentation video from the April Community Call for details on what is new in the latest release.

Work is also already underway on code for release 9.1, with several new accessibility improvements either completed or in development, and some enhancements introduced into the test environment to make development more convenient.

The project welcomed a new Registered Service Provider this month: Marmot Library Network, Inc., which specializes in supporting the needs of libraries in Colorado and the surrounding region.

The Project Management Committee continued work in improving documentation, streamlining internationalization workflows and planning for future fundraising. The PMC will soon begin planning for the next VuFind® Summit, which will be held in conjunction with WOLFcon this coming August.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and were included in release 9.0:

  • Add autocomplete to form fields: #2837
  • Add example import config for SubjectsPlus: #2825
  • Add Mink tests for simple container links: #2829
  • Add util to purge a deleted record/resource from database: #2822
  • Aleph driver: return value from cancelHolds fixed according to ILS driver documentation: #2815
  • Always overwrite existing files when copying node modules: #2832
  • Avoid broken links being generated by Record View Helper: #2841
  • Clean up/standardize Javascript lib directory: VUFIND-1566 / #2780
  • Enable NFC normalization of test records to avoid warnings: #2834
  • Fix active library card check if user has no card selected: #2819
  • Fix collapse/expand icons of deferred side facets: #2839
  • Fix compact in AbstractRecord::homeAction: #2824
  • Fix cookie consent dialog z-index to be below dropdowns: #2833
  • Fix: repair SCSS issues revealed by the cookie consent library: #2846, #2847
  • Fix scoping of dc:subject in OJS import: #2826
  • Fix(truncate): prevent focus on hidden elements: #2835
  • Improve author deduplication: #2811
  • KohaRest: improved hold expiration date behavior: #2823
  • Prevent endless redirect loop in library card selection: #2818
  • Ratings cleanup (remove unused method): #2828
  • Remove trailing slashes from void elements: #2830
  • Remove unnecessary if's from XSLT: #2827
  • Reset focus to bookbag toggle buttons after action: #2820
  • Restore access to item status methods and add save status methods: #2844
  • Translation improvements: #2758, #2816
  • Update chrome-mink-driver dependency: #2817
  • Update Google Analytics helper for compatibility with GA4: #2402
  • Update language translation files for release 9.0: VUFIND-1567
  • Update Vagrantfile for release 9.0: #2836
  • Update vanilla-cookieconsent library: #2831
  • Upgrade autocomplete.js and move it from lib/ to vendor/: #2755
  • Use standard dropdown control for QR codes in results list: #2809
  • VuFindHarvest: Extract namespaces from <record> as well as <metadata>: vufindharvest#17, #2813

The following item was completed in the past month and was included in release 9.0.1:

  • Fix problems with Blowfish migration: #2851

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1:

  • Add a phing task reset_setup for resetting CI environment: #2848
  • Add ability to retrieve record links from ILS driver: #2810
  • Final changes to make Mink tests pass HTML validation: #2838
  • Fix Lucene query string control character check: #2843
  • Improve Mink FeedbackTest: #2849
  • Use heading for title in sidefacets: #2842

This work was opened and then closed with being completed, deferred to be part of a future project:

  • Record Title labels for checkboxes: #2812

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add aria labels for control elements: #2845
  • Change route type for Help/Home from Static to Segment: #2850
  • Guard against unbalanced hierarchy fields: #2821
  • Improve npm script verbage: #2840
  • Replace jumpMenu controls with menu-button components: #2492, #2814

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Admin module: script runner: VUFIND-1605
  • Embedded records (in results list) have invalid aria and/or role attributes: VUFIND-1607
  • Templates: components do not work inside of slots: VUFIND-1604
  • Upgrade vanilla-cookieconsent to at least 3.0.0-rc.14 when available: VUFIND-1606
  • Update language translation files for release 9.1: VUFIND-1608

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add support for loading results with JS: #2804
  • Component: confirmation menu: #2669, #2723
  • Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine: VUFIND-1480 / #2233
  • Use CachingDownloader for Covers: #2659
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