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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind® Newsletter: January, 2022

Highlights / Executive Summary

The new year began with a flurry of VuFind development. While no major new features were introduced this month, a significant number of bugs were fixed, and further groundwork was laid for improved static analysis of the code. Additionally, several large projects made some forward progress: theme improvements, database code modernization, and the introduction of support for more citation formats using Citation Style Language (CSL).

The Project Management Committee has continued to plan improvements to the project's sustainability through participation in the It Takes a Village Toolkit beta testing program. The PMC has also begun discussing a “community sprint” model to better coordinate large tasks within the project. Finally, the group released results from their Understanding Discovery Platform Usage Survey, conducted late last year.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add allow-plugins to composer.json for new composer versions: #2278
  • Add as-needed option to ESLint func-names rule: #2248
  • Add constant definitions for PHPStan: #2262
  • Add missing translations for MultiBackend messages: #2196, #2265
  • Add PHP 8.1 to CI tasks: #2280
  • Add support for overriding local dir in phing, use for composer qa: #2247
  • Add test for MARC processing in Unicorn driver: #2284, #2286
  • Add test for Voyager MARC processing: #2285
  • Add UUID as new identifier used in covers: #2275
  • Alma: Switch from File_MARCXML to MarcReader: #2251
  • Avoid notice in EIT code when results are missing: #2238
  • Fix Anonymous function has an unused use: #2256
  • Fix broken language detection setting: VUFIND-1527 / #2276
  • Fix checkbox facets in advanced search screen: #2260
  • Fix comments: SimpleXMLElement has root namespace: #2254
  • Fix notices in tag admin code: #2249
  • Fix possibly undefined variables: #2257
  • Fix Variable in isset() always exists and is not nullable from Phpstan: #2255
  • Fix: vestigial fa-spinners: #2274
  • FOLIO: Add config setting to allow debug of GET requests: #2264
  • FOLIO: include course number in course name: #2236
  • FOLIO: note may not exist: #2281
  • Improve advanced search “clear” behavior for radio buttons/checkboxes: #2242
  • Improved/expanded translations: #2253, #2269, #2288
  • Improve tests for Base Params and Solr Options; fix related issues: #2261
  • KohaRest driver: allow null for expirationdate in holds: #2279
  • Log exceptions in VuFind\AuthManager to VuFind logger: #2282
  • Make ID used for ILS health check configurable: #2266
  • Matomo fixes: #2258
  • Remove unneeded parameters: #2270
  • Result counts for inactive tabs: VUFIND-1488 / #2241
  • Show cover for non-existent records: #2273
  • Web-based installer: add installation report link; format success message as info box: #2268

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add a simple interval captcha that prevents too frequent actions: #2250
  • Ajax facets - fetch only requested facets from Solr: #2271
  • Composer package javascript resolving: #2287
  • Implement monorepo development model and vufindview package: #2272
  • Improve error message when course reserves indexing fails: #2277
  • Improve filter message handling in tag admin: #2263
  • Make getFacetLabel work for checkbox filters: #2259
  • Replace File_MARC with MarcReader and friends: #2252
  • Split asset pipeline functionality to separate classes: #2283
  • Use strcoll instead of strcasecmp for hierarchical facet sorting: #2267

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Radio button facets: VUFIND-1526
  • Update browse handler to use call number normalizers from org.marc4j.callnum package: VUFIND-1525

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

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