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VuFind® Newsletter: September, 2022

Highlights / Executive Summary

After a quiet August, September was a busy month for the VuFind® community, in large part because the month opened with two major events (WOLFcon 2022 and the 2022 VuFind® Summit). Those that missed the Summit can view video of all of the sessions on the event's YouTube playlist. In addition to talks highlighting new VuFind® features and interesting implementations, the Summit provided an opportunity to plan for the future. One significant outcome is an intention to better utilize the monthly Community Calls to coordinate and distribute work on upcoming releases.

On the subject of the Community Call, a survey has been opened to collect feedback about the timing and content of the free monthly event. Please consider filling this out to help ensure that the calls remain relevant and accessible. Having more active participants in the call could help to improve our development speed and capacity.

As announced at the Summit, VuFind® welcomed its first Registered Service Provider: effective WEBWORK. In addition to offering support and assistance to VuFind® users, effective WEBWORK is now directly supporting the community and helping to ensure the project's future!

September also saw significant work completed on VuFind®'s code: not only the usual blend of fixes, minor improvements and dependency upgrades, but also some significant new features, including a configurable cookie consent interface, and the ability for VuFind® to act as an OAuth2/OpenID identity provider.

Finally, the Project Management Committee met following their August hiatus. In addition to moving forward existing PMC projects (documentation improvements, the Registered Service Provider program, etc.), the group also began discussing the possibility of implementing a standard platform for managing the project's translations (in place of the current somewhat-manual process).

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add an option to display the index record also for MARC records: #2540
  • Add aria-selected attribute to record tabs for accessibility: #2501
  • Add sodium to dependency check in installer: #2534
  • Add status-available and status-unavailable to js-icons: #2544
  • Add support for cookie consent dialog and conditional services (plus some subsequent fixes): #2519, #2549, #2550, #2552
  • Add support for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect providers (with some follow-up improvements and dependency/test fixes): #2470, #2524, #2525, #2526, #2527, #2528, #2529, #2531, #2532, #2533
  • Avoid calling urlencode() with null: #2536
  • Begin using RDA fields in format calculator: #2497
  • Clean up MyResearch menu style rules: #2506
  • Default filters should not be applied when clicking on an alphabetic search result: VUFIND-1577 / #2538
  • Fix a PHP 8.1 deprecation issue; getDisplayString expects a string: #2551
  • Fix loading of FacetList content block: #2521
  • Fix MarcReaderTrait::getFirstFieldValue when field does not exist: #2539
  • FOLIO: Added check for patron login failure: VUFIND-1578 / #2545
  • Generator sometimes skips updates to module.config.php: VUFIND-1576 / #2541
  • Make it possible to add HTTP options in Solr Connector: #2535
  • MultiBackend: Skip null values when adding or removing prefixes: #2547
  • Phing: display non-empty exception log on shutdown: #2530
  • Translation improvements: #2542
  • Update VuFindHttp to version 3.2.0: #2537
  • Upgrade sqlite-jdbc from 3.27.2 to for improved platform support: #2523
  • Use a gray badge for count of requests with other status: #2508
  • VuFindCode: Update tools and dependencies to align more closely with VuFind 9.0: vufindcode#8
  • VuFindDate: Update tools, dependencies and styles to align more closely with VuFind 9.0: vufinddate#4
  • VuFindHarvest: Update tools, dependencies and styles to align more closely with VuFind 9.0: vufindharvest#9
  • VuFindHttp: Avoid calling isLocal with null: vufindhttp#18
  • VuFindHttp: Update tools, dependencies and styles to align more closely with VuFind 9.0: vufindhttp#19

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Display “No Selection” as Preferred Library if no selection: #2546
  • Improved interface for active filter removal: #2522
  • Optimize use of iterators in custom SolrMarc methods: #2520
  • ThemeInfo: Fix getMergedConfig: #2543

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Advanced search by date articles and book chapter doesn't work (note: this seems likely to be a local configuration problem rather than a software bug): VUFIND-1580
  • Display holdings with no barcode: #2548
  • Make AbstractApi::makeRequest more generic/safe/flexible: VUFIND-1579
  • Reserves - make Course/Instructor data visible in catalog records: VUFIND-1575

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add support for star ratings: VUFIND-1550 / #2417
  • Adding configurable ignoreFilterReasons in Alma Resolver: #2498
  • Adds explanatory text to filters (facets) for more accessibility: #2493
  • Adds refresh buttons to jumpMenu select boxes: #2492
  • Ajax Status Standardize and Modernize: #2447
  • Anonymous tags: VUFIND-691
  • FOLIO: consider making availability status configurable: VUFIND-1391
  • Make MenuButton Component: #2378
  • Remove password check in PAIA patronLogin() if client_credentials is used as grant_type: #2513
  • Utilize icon helper: #1962
  • VuFindHarvest: Fix last_harvest.txt datestamp incorrectly updated when OAI-PMH response is not chronological: vufindharvest#7, vufindharvest#8
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