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VuFind® Newsletter: October, 2023

Development Highlights and Project News

Development Progress

October's focus was on completing all outstanding work on release 9.1, which was successfully completed. Most of the work centered around accessibility, bug fixes, dependency updates, and internationalization, but there were also a few minor improvements made to cover image handling and combined search results.

There was also enough time to begin work on features and improvements targeted for 10.0; these changes were mostly minor but included a significant improvement to searching in “hierarchies and collections” mode, and the introduction of a new “Composed” ILS driver which can be used to merge functionality from separate drivers into a single interface (useful for merging functionality from multiple sources).

Next month, the focus will shift to working through the backlog of pull requests targeted for release 10.0, and beginning work on a 9.1.1 bug fix release to address any problems discovered in 9.1.

Release 9.1

Release 9.1 was released on schedule. See the press release for more details.

Project Management Committee Report

The PMC met to discuss documentation updates, web site improvements and fundraising. Progress continues to be made in all of these areas – older wiki pages continue to be gradually brought up to date, the project description on the website has been updated to be more complete and accurate, and a fundraising banner has been added to the vufind.org header.

The PMC also voted to add Susan Turkel, from Villanova University's Falvey Library, as a project committer. (Also note that if you or a developer you know is interested in gaining committer status, you can talk to an existing committer – including any current PMC member – about receiving a nomination).

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1:

  • Accessibility: refine search facets to ul: #3108
  • Accessibility: top recommendations to ul: #3107
  • Accessible cart update announcements: #3129
  • Add grid-based stack placement for combined search: #3077
  • Add some useful comments to Folio.ini: VUFIND-1599 / #3163
  • Add support for OCLC numbers to Google cover images and improve medium/large images: #3161
  • Add tag search sort test: #3166
  • Align subproject tools and settings with main project release 9.1: vufindcode#13, vufinddate#10, vufindharvest#18, vufindhttp#26, vufind-marc#10
  • Alma: Revise comment of translationPrefix setting: #3141
  • Amicus driver: Remove unnecessary require statement: #3147
  • Bolder text in filter dropdown: #3138
  • Browse handler: Fix deprecations reported when building with Solr 9.3: vufind-browse-handler#44, vufind-browse-handler#45, #3167
  • Configurable similar items carousel item count: #3158
  • Deprecate custom EDS logging: #3153
  • Display errors, notices and alerts in debug mode: #3165
  • Display jump links above combined search results: #3083
  • Display side recommendations with combined search: #3135
  • Do not jump to single search result when jumpto is disabled: #3131
  • Fix API specification: #3144
  • Fix bug caused by multiple calls to parentTheme view helper: VUFIND-1604 / #3157
  • Fix combined filter dropdown padding and colors: #3113
  • Fix escaping of backslashes in ExtendedIniNormalizer: #3170
  • Fix: give ajax-loaded combined results a domId: #3125
  • Fix highlighting error and missing comments in EDS.ini: VUFIND-1646 / #3146
  • Fix hyphen-in-path bug in ImportLokaliseCommand: #3130
  • Fix record tab heading level: #3076
  • Fix: remove spacing inside publisher name field link: VUFIND-1642 / #3127
  • Fix search history behavior when login is disabled: #3114
  • FOLIO: account for spelling change in fulfillmentPreference property: #3145
  • FOLIO: do not display credentials in debug messages: #3164
  • Handle empty files correctly in ExtendedIniNormalizer: #3169
  • Handle lookfor[] array in deferred search object recommendations: #3159
  • LibGuides and AZ: Display descriptions: #3128
  • LibGuides Profile: Remove whitespace if no photo: #3143
  • Logging: Add ReferenceId support for username: #3156
  • Only update FOLIO location cache data when appropriate: #3162
  • Remove obsolete basemap examples; add more notes: #3177
  • Remove unmatched tag from visualization help page: #3173
  • Render combination of standard and alternative script fields in RecordDataFormatter: #3155
  • SierraRest: Add translation prefix support for ILS messages: #3140
  • SierraRest: Fix and improve item/bib handling with transaction history: #3133
  • SierraRest: Trim whitespace from call number and volume: #3124
  • Syndetics cover images with VuFind fallback: #3154
  • Translate sysMessage of renewals: #3172
  • Translation updates: VUFIND-1608 / #3122, #3123, #3139, #3148, #3149, #3150, #3151, #3152, #3176, #3178
  • Update dependencies for release 9.1: VUFIND-1609 / #3134
  • Update MLA label to 9th edition: #3121
  • Upgrade to Solr 9.3.0: #3132
  • UrlQueryHelper: Fix passing null to urlencode: #3136
  • Use null coalescing to cover for invalid active tab: #3180

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 10.0:

  • Add setting to allow deep searching within collections: #3182
  • Add support for a description column in fines: #3171
  • Composed ILS Driver: #3112
  • Improve stability of testAddCommentWithCaptcha test: #3179
  • Java indexing code: Fix raw type warnings: #3184
  • Java indexing code: Remove unused imports: #3183
  • Minor facet improvements: #3168
  • Remove outdated, unused tag help screen: #3174

This improvement was made to the project website:

  • Update project description on web page: #3137

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Accessibility: Use $headTitle as <h1> on results: #3175
  • Add option to return an HTMLElement from the icon helper: #3126
  • Java indexing code: Fix Java 9 deprecation warnings: #3185
  • Multi page selection in favorite list: #3142
  • Recommend databases based on EDS results: #3160
  • Updated jQuery to Javascript for button disable on submit: #3181

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Configurable brute force password protection: VUFIND-1643
  • Empty column with combined search recommendations and zero results: VUFIND-1648
  • FOLIO Driver: Add support for Refresh Token Rotation (RTR): VUFIND-1647
  • Improve translation of plural forms: VUFIND-1644
  • Update dependencies for release 10.0: VUFIND-1645
  • Update language translation files for release 10.0: VUFIND-1649

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add filtering capability to facet list pop-up: #2991
  • Add option to enable facet filters for advanced search facets: #3098
  • Add support for persistent login: #3027
  • Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine: VUFIND-1480 / #2233
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