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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind® Newsletter: October, 2021

Highlights / Executive Summary

With a major release completed last month, much of October's development was maintenance-oriented: fixing bugs, improving accessibility, and enhancing security features (such as better Content Security Policy support). Some significant ILS driver improvements were merged, to be included in the forthcoming 8.1 release, and a development branch for 9.0 work will likely be started soon to allow more forward-looking changes to be merged together. Work also began on a new user interface translation: Armenian.

The free and open Learning VuFind® book, written by Demian Katz and designed to provide a complete introduction to the software, has been officially released and can be downloaded in PDF format from its official releases page.

The Project Management Committee spent much of their October meeting discussing possible actions identified during September's brainstorming sessions. These activities will keep the PMC occupied for months to come. This month, significant progress was made on reducing the size of the video editing backlog, releasing edited recordings of the entire 2018 VuFind® Summit as well as several video tutorials from past Community Calls. More recordings are still forthcoming.

Planning has been completed for the 2021 VuFind® Summit (to be held November 15-17), and the full schedule has been posted. Registration remains open.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Add a Csp view helper that allows disabling Content Security Policy: #2162
  • Add a QA script for composer: #2177, #2184
  • Add http basic auth ability to XCNCIP driver: #2159
  • Add missing closing tag to Markdown rendering template: #2169
  • Add option to set accepted HTTP codes (other than 2xx) for NCIP driver: #2182
  • Add support for CSP without 'strict-dynamic' script-src: #2153, #2160
  • Add test for VuFind\Route\RouteGenerator: #2185
  • Aleph: Fix for pagination of historic loans: #2171
  • Alma: Handle 400 error for a non-existent account in patronLogin: #2156
  • Code style: Allow multi-level indenting: #2180
  • CursorMarkIdFetcher: move params to property for easier extension: #2152
  • Fix a PHP notice when a driver does not return callnumber_prefix: #2161
  • Fix bug in ISMN handling: VUFIND-1511 (note that this bug report impacts VuFind 7 and earlier and is already fixed in the 8.0 release)
  • Fix Csp helper's disablePolicy when CSP mode is “report_only”: #2178
  • Fix CSS property name in icon-helper.css: #2186
  • Fix markdown.ini key: #2163
  • Fix password reset form to display the password policy: #2165
  • Fix XCNCIP driver cancel request: #2179
  • Fix XCNCIP driver renew item: #2176
  • Improve Demo driver compatibility with the MultiBackend driver: #2158
  • Improve version number processing during upgrade: VUFIND-1508 / #2150
  • Include site title in HTML title tag for improved accessibility: #2148, #2157
  • Make MarkdownFactory easier to extend: #2164
  • MultiBackend: Handle methods with no source specific params properly: #2173, #2174
  • Reads current count of book bag in screen reader (without focus on it): #2145
  • Refactor MultiBackend driver to avoid repeating similar code: #2154
  • Remove reference to custom.css in icon configuration: #2155
  • Replace string replaceAll with replace for better compatibility: #2183
  • Strip non-numeric values to prevent unexpected slider behavior: #2181

Additionally, VUFIND-1489 was closed as it turned out to be a local customization problem rather than an actual VuFind bug.

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Consider deprecating CspNonce view helper in favor of Csp helper: VUFIND-1510
  • Tags: public visibility delay setting: VUFIND-1512

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Fix bug: Hierarchical facets do not display correctly in right-to-left mode: VUFIND-1504 / #2151
  • Make the DAIA services which should be accepted configurable: #2060
  • Move print dialog triggering code to separate file: #2143
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