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VuFind® Newsletter: November, 2023

Development Highlights and Project News

Development Progress

In addition to fixing a number of minor bugs discovered in release 9.1, the focus of November development was on beginning to work through the large backlog of new features being developed for release 10.0. In addition to many minor enhancements, code modernizations and accessibility improvements, some fairly significant additions were made: a full translation in Mongolian, simplified configuration of record displays through the new RecordDataFormatter.ini file, smarter EZProxy link integration, and virtual on-screen keyboard support.

Project Management Committee Report

The PMC met as usual and discussed remaining tasks needed to meet all of the group's 2023 annual goals. Most remaining work is in the areas of documentation and marketing, and the group will be focusing on completing wiki and website updates through the end of the year. In January, goals for 2024 will be discussed; if you have specific requests or priorities, please feel free to reach out to any member of the PMC with input.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1.1:

  • Add explicit int casts to cover generator layers: #3213
  • Add Mongolian translation: #3223
  • Blender: Fix advanced search type mapping: #3186
  • Browse handler: Exclude deleted documents when extracting stored fields: VUFIND-1650 / vufind-browse-handler#46
  • Browse handler: Remove recursion in implementation of Leech.next(): vufind-browse-handler#47
  • Change the space-like thousand separator to a narrower one: #3187
  • Combined: Fix column widths in grid layout: #3220, #3232
  • Fix a checkCapability call to include the patron: #3195
  • Fix display of checkbox filters: #3210
  • Fix interpolation of css variables in scss mode: #3218
  • Improve comments about solrmarc.path setting: #3217
  • Primo: minor fixes: #3214, #3215
  • Translate searchbox placeholder: #3198

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 10.0:

  • Accessibility: Use $headTitle as <h1> on results: #3175
  • Add an option to always display the “Reset Filters” button: #3197
  • Add auth_method parameter to SimulatedSSO: #3201
  • Add log writability check to SystemStatus: #3212
  • Add option to enable hierarchical facet filters for advanced search facets: #3098
  • Add option to return an HTMLElement from the icon helper: #3126
  • Add test for bulk deleting from favorite list: #3202
  • Adding optional virtual keyboard to searchbox: #2952, #3221
  • Better config validation for XCNCIP2 ILS driver: #3188, #3191
  • Change side recommendation headings to <h2>: #3209
  • Change url to an indexed field in Solr: #3211
  • Check exit codes for commands in the browse_build function: #3227
  • Check querySelector result when updating combined jump links: #3231
  • Combined: Fix scope of search cart form: #3219
  • Configurable fields for RecordDataFormatter: #3193, #3234
  • Databases: Include search query matches: #3216
  • Databases: Use LibGuides alternate names field: #3229
  • Eliminate jQuery from ReCaptcha setup on Google script load logic: #3203
  • Fix deprecation warnings in tests; make PHPUnit more strict: #3224
  • Fix searchbox_controls init function if textInput or resetButton are not defined: #3225
  • Java indexing code: Fix Java 9 deprecation warnings: #3185
  • Language labels matching MARC standard: #2933
  • Make SimulatedSSO module configurable: #3208
  • MySQL port configurable in build.xml: #3236
  • Narrow the first holdings tab column: #3096
  • Optional dataMethod params for RecordDataFormatter: #3189
  • ProxyUrl: Determine whether to proxy via web service: #3199
  • Recommend databases based on EDS results: #3160
  • Removed prioritizeAlt default from SpecBuilder: #3235
  • Replace substr with e.g. str_starts_with or str_ends_with where appropriate: #3196, vufindcode#14
  • Setup QR code links without jQuery: #3206, #3230
  • Sierra: Add support for statistic group in holds and renewals: #3190 * Support filters and custom heading on recommendation modules: #3192
  • Updated jQuery to Javascript for button disable on submit: #3181

These pull requests were closed by their creators as “no longer needed:”

  • Fetch icon: jQuery to Javascript update: #3205
  • Fix missing searchClassId in layout: #3194

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add bootstrap5 theme: #3222
  • Add ISO 639-3 language code translations: #3200
  • Adding hidden sort options: #3237
  • Adding the option to make html elements sticky: #3226
  • Combined: Fix jump links and grid with zero results: #3233
  • Fix hierarchical facet expand/collapse buttons with mobile Safari: #3228
  • Increase contrast in form elements: #3207
  • Responsive table for search history: #3204

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Address Java deprecation of finalize() method in UpdateDateTracker.java: VUFIND-1651

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add new Overdrive features: #3025
  • Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine: VUFIND-1480 / #2233
  • Prevent single sign-on (SSO) from breaking out of lightbox: #2941 / VUFIND-1617
  • Search Result Explanation Feature: #3069
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