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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: June 7, 2016

Attending: Laurie Gemmill Arp, Chris Delis, Matthias Edel, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Tom Hutchinson, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, André Lahmann, Jochen Lienhard, Ere Maijala, Brad Patton, Jay Roos


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-969 - This older ticket has been resolved now that the “facets in lightbox” feature is complete (see below).
  • VUFIND-1179, VUFIND-1181 - Two reports of the same bug related to password changing; fixed in master and release 3.0.1.
  • VUFIND-1180 - Reports bug related to bulk export; fixed in master, and fix will be released in 3.0.2.
  • VUFIND-1182 - A reminder to upgrade to the next SolrMarc release between now and the 3.1 release.
  • VUFIND-1183 - Notes on a minor indexing bug affecting the author2_variant field (certain edge cases break the “initials” logic). BeanShell will be fixed for 3.0.2 and full fix will be in next SolrMarc release.
  • VUFIND-1184, VUFIND-1185 - These tickets report some quirks related to spell checking behavior; Demian will investigate.
  • VUFIND-1186 - This ticket proposes better HTTP status code messaging around disabled functionality; Demian will investigate.

Pull Requests

  • #710 - merged - improvements to Voyager call slip functionality.
  • #711 - merged - new optional password validation features.
  • #712 - merged - minor KohaILSDI driver improvement.
  • #713 - merged - MySQL compatibility improvement.
  • #714 - merged - more consistent handling of storage retrieval request pickup locations.
  • #715 - merged - translation improvements.
  • #716 - in progress - proposed changes to LDAP attribute processing.
  • #717 - in progress - new permission provider for checking attributes in the User database table.
  • #718 - merged - refactoring related to cover URL formatting (needed for the channels PR).
  • VuFindHttp #5 - merged - fix to inconsistency in interface.

3.0.1 Release

The release went out slightly early. A couple more minor bugs were discovered after the release, so a 3.0.2 release will be necessary in the near future.

Bootstrap Media Elements

The rendering of search results/list items has been adjusted slightly to simplify markup and add some features; see this commit.

Facets in Lightbox

This feature (PR #678) has been merged to master. It's currently on by default in the form of a “see all” link within expanded facet lists. It can either be turned off entirely or made more prominent by switching it to pop open on the initial “more” link.

2. Development Planning

Front-end Issues


Not a lot of progress in past two weeks, but Chris is currently working on “theme packing” feature which compiles a tree of themes into a single directory to speed up retrieval by eliminating file searches.

Chris also reiterated emphasis on simplicity in default Grunt implementation.


Demian and Chris have made progress on display of thumbnails and navigation of results. More work still to be done!

JS Code Styling with ESLint

Chris has set up some ESLint rules in PR #700 and is adjusting JS in a rule-by-rule fashion. He has a separate branch (not pushed yet) where Travis is checking ESLint and the build is passing. Please post to #700 or email Chris if you have strong feelings about this; otherwise, the style changes will go in place this week.

Next step after JS cleanup: template styling.

General Status Update

Bootstrap3-list pull request (full records embedded in search results) should be merged very soon. Demian thanks all involved in its development.


Ere reports that National Library of Finland search API is in production, well-received so far. Some work on CORS still needed. A PR is forthcoming after some cleanup and work on configurability.


Demian did some cleanup of VuFindHttp and VuFindCode to bring those in line with the main VuFind project. No other major changes.

Next ZF Version

No news this week.

Improved Use of Permissions

Work continues on PR #608.

Improved Geographic Features

Leila reports that geographic search and display code using OpenLayers 3 all complete and working well. Search allows search by bounding box. Display shows polygons and/or points with pop-up labels. Currently working on moving some functionality into config.ini file so labels can be turned on/off, etc. A couple of odd things: order of stored coordinates differs from how they are displayed (quirk of OpenLayers).

Some discussion about the possibility of making label retrieval more configurable, supporting multiple data sources.

GitHub Features (tagging, PR templates, etc.)

README and Wiki have been updated; further suggestions welcomed.


Demian has updated the DocValues pull request (#588) to work with Solr 5; however, there is still a question as to whether this is needed at all. Demian proposes closing the PR and moving the work to a feature branch.

Ere brought up SOLR-9176, which references an existing Solr 5/6 faceting problem.

There was further discussion about changes related to docValues (and the murkiness of this subject). It was decided to leave the PR open for now as a point of discussion.

Another issue mentioned for future discussion: the new JSON facet interface.

Dropping ZombieJS Support

Now that Chris and Demian have standardized the integration test workflow using Selenium, there are a number of tests that cannot pass in ZombieJS due to missing features. Demian checked to see if anyone objected to making Selenium the default integration test option and removing ZombieJS-related functionality from CI configuration.

No objections.

3. Institutional Home, Revisited

Investigation of the subject continues. No major news as yet.

4. VuFind Summit 2016

The VuFind Summit will take place at Villanova on October 10-11, 2016. This overlaps with the annual German VuFind meeting; Demian and Jochen will investigate whether we can take advantage of this fact.

5. Other Topics?

André and Oliver plan on opening a pull request this week with an updated DAIA driver and the first release of the new PAIA driver.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (13:00 GMT).

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