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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind® Newsletter: January, 2024

Development Highlights and Project News

Development Progress

The new year got off to a productive start, with many pull requests merged during January in support of releases 9.1.1 and 10.0.

For 9.1.1, nine minor bugs were fixed, and support was added for FOLIO's forthcoming new authentication method, to ensure forward-compatibility.

For 10.0, several new features were added (most notably persistent login support, the optional ability to display Solr relevance ranking explanations in the user interface, and an INN-Reach integration for Sierra users), internationalization was expanded (including translation of language names and support for the Māori language), some dependencies were updated (due largely to raising the project's minimum PHP version to 8.1, now that 8.0 is out of support), and several architectural adjustments, minor accessibility improvements, bug fixes and test enhancements were applied.

A release date for 9.1.1 will likely be announced at the February Community Call. There is still significant work required before 10.0 can be scheduled for release.

Project Management Committee Report

The PMC met to set annual goals for 2024. They are:

  • Release versions 10.0 and 10.1.
  • Hold a VuFind® Summit in Fall, 2024 linked with WOLFcon in some way.
  • Develop a documentation maintenance plan.
  • Investigate possible uses of AI for documentation, support, code reviews, etc.
  • Perform literature review in Code4lib Journal/other sources regarding PMC/sustainability; draft and contribute an article if there is a sufficient need/gap.
  • Marketing improvements (review vufind.org accessibility, improve content as needed).

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1.1:

  • Add missing doublequote to attribute: #3278
  • Add missing Koha cover configuration line: #3329
  • Fix collection title heading level: #3297
  • Fix hiding of controls and display of help screen in visual results: #3291, #3293
  • Fix work key UTF-8 trimming bug: #3323
  • FOLIO: Add support for Refresh Token Rotation (RTR): VUFIND-1647 / #3289
  • Handle %size% token when using local file in coverimages: #3337
  • KohaRest: Fix error in items sorting when serial isssue number is null: #3301
  • Remove obsolete CLI CSS builder tool: #3322
  • Throw exception when full MARC record is missing: #3303

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 10.0:

  • Accessibility: Use ul/li for recommendation module lists: #3315
  • Add a view helper for bulk options, checkboxes and cart controls: #3292
  • Add an option to update search results without loading the full page: #2929, #3313, #3319
  • Add complete unit tests for EDS driver: #3302
  • Add ISO 639-3 language code translations: VUFIND-583 / VUFIND-753 / #413 / #3200
  • Add ItemGlobalOrder config to EDS.ini and use it to order EDS item fields: #3284, #3299
  • Add Māori language support: #3317
  • Add method to return raw Solr response headers: #3280
  • Add support for persistent login: VUFIND-619 / #3027, #3340, #3352
  • Add translations for keyboard layouts: #3251
  • Add translations for service type: #3307
  • Apply recommended php-cs-fixer rules for PHP 8.1: #3304
  • Blender: Fix initialization of filteredFacetCounts: #3334
  • Change default theme to sandal: #3282
  • Combined: Display noresults recommendations in bento box or sidebar: #3258
  • Configurable bulk action limits: #3239
  • Databases: Add a link to all databases: #3275
  • Eliminate the need for ProxyManager: #3343
  • Fix account menu dropdown and sandal's account notification icon: #3333
  • Fix alignment of graphical advanced search delete icons: #3321
  • Fix handling of hierarchical facet sort settings and improve test coverage: #3281, #3285
  • Fix hierarchical facet filters in advanced search (and cover with test): #3325, #3332
  • Fix/improve theme selector behavior; add Mink test: #3346
  • Fix tag sorting in PostgreSQL: #3327
  • FOLIO: Improve json_log_file behavior/documentation: #3348
  • HierarchyAwareTrait: cast return value of getters into arrays: #3344
  • ImageLink: Fix invalid URL being generated if file name contains special characters (e.g. '?'): #3345
  • Implement responsive table for fines: #3308
  • Improve Greek translations: #3357
  • Improve translation of plural forms: VUFIND-1644 / #3286
  • Increase contrast in form elements: #3207
  • INN-Reach Account Integration: #3262
  • JS: HTML escape update: #3256
  • Language tool: ISO639-3 text domain should be optional: #3318
  • Make sandal font size more uniform: #3326
  • Minor style tweaks for easier Bootstrap 5 migration: #3320
  • Minor test improvements: #3331, #3336, #3341, #3349, #3350, #3351, #3353, #3354, #3362, #3363
  • Move JS dependencies to a theme-specific package.json and update-script: #3290
  • New items improvements: #3269
  • PHPUnit 10 prep: Fix naming of abstract test classes and adjust .gitignore: #3306, #3356
  • Raise minimum PHP version to 8.1; add 8.3 to GitHub Actions: #3298
  • Refactor deferred recommendation modules into one template: #3283
  • Refactor hierarchy tree to an HTML-based one: #3277
  • Refactor search minification, change QueryAdapter to a concrete class: #3358
  • Refactor versions search to fix deferred facets and simplify code: #3295, #3300
  • Refactored hold login: #3335, #3339, #3359
  • Refactored search tabs; improved result count display for combined search: #3309, #3310
  • Search a consortial VuFind instance, i.e. ReShare: #3270
  • Search Result Explanation Feature: #3069
  • Silence deprecation warnings from scss dependencies during QA checkSassBuild: #3338
  • Store followup also when logging in with lightbox for SSO: #3360
  • Summon: throw exception if record not found: #3287
  • Support Shibboleth in KohaRest driver: #3296
  • Switch PHPUnit tests to use static data providers: #3305
  • Translation aliasing: #3249 / VUFIND-1233
  • Trigger errors from AJAX methods in non-production mode: #3267
  • UrlQueryHelper::asHiddenFields, nullcoalesce null values in htmlspecialchars: #3347
  • Usernames should be consistently case-insensitive: #3316
  • VuFindMarc: Function preg_replace could return null in case of an error: vufind-marc#11 / #3276
  • XCNCIP2: Handle ItemUseRestrictionType: #3288

This pull request was determined not to be necessary after discussion and was closed by its creator:

  • Display the pickup location of waiting Koha reserves: #3311

This ticket has been closed, as it will be resolved by other current work-in-progress and does not require separate action of its own:

  • Fix inconsistencies between LESS and SCSS style builds: VUFIND-1619

This ticket turned out to be a problem external to VuFind®, but a solution has been posted:

  • Error Returned by KohaRest Checked Out Items API: VUFIND-1656

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Convert DOM events to stored functions: #3361
  • Display all collection items on all archive levels in collection list tab: #3330
  • Display the date and destination of transitting items: #3312
  • FOLIO: smarter handling of request types in placeHold: #3355
  • Koha: Check and display a status if item will be automatically renewed: #3324
  • Moved conditional rendering for breadcrumbs: #3342
  • Small enhancements to the DefaultRecord class: #3279
  • Updated loadHTML from jQuery to native Javascript: #3294
  • Upgrade to PHPUnit 10: #3314

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Alignment problems in some languages in dropdown elements on results page: VUFIND-1662
  • Certain icons are missing from Similar Items display: VUFIND-1661
  • FOLIO driver: add pagination/sorting support to getMyTransactions: VUFIND-1660
  • Sandal theme: applied filter contrast is too low on home page: VUFIND-1658
  • Update GitHub branch protection rules when creating release-10.0 branch: VUFIND-1659

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

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